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Koss PortaPro Headphones

The Koss PortaPro headphones feature a time-tested, portable and comfortable design, excellent sound quality and a lifetime warranty, making them an excellent choice for MP3 headphones.

About Koss

Koss has been making high quality headphones for over 50 years. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all Koss headphones are manufactured in North America and come with a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty.

Koss headphones are also rebranded and sold in Radio Shack stores under their own brand.

Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

Koss PortaPro Headphones
Can you believe these headphones were designed 25 years ago? They were way ahead of their time which is evident by the fact that they still one of the best selling headphones on the market today.

No headphone can survive for so long without excellent sound. The sound quality is top-notch. Featuring a frequency response of 15-20,000 Hz the sound reproduction surpasses the spectrum of normal human hearing. You'll hear great balance of bass, trebel and mids. Some customers actually found the bass too strong for their taste.

One of the features of these headphones which makes them unique are the comfort zone temporal pads. These are two adjustable pads which shift the pressure and pefectly balance the ear plates on your ear. The ear plates also pivot. Combined with the adjustable headband, they provide a very comfortable fit.

These headphones feature a semi-closed design which means they will not completely cover your ear. As a result sound leaks outside as is common since this is not a closed or in-ear design.

They are also relatively inexpensive and are a great alternative to the Sennheiser PX 100 collapsible headphones.

What's Included

In addition to the headphones, you also get a carrying case. The headphones will fold up and fit in this case for convenient portability.

They also come with a gold plated 0.25 inch headphone adapter so you can connect these headphones to your home stereo. A 4 foot cord ensures that you can use these headphones easily with your computer too.

Lastly, these heaphones come with a lifetime warranty. Customers owning these headphones in excess of 10 years have used it to exchange them for a new pair without any questions whatsoever.


The top of the headband is metal and many customers have found their hair to catch in it easily when trying to remove these headphones. So be careful when removing them from your head.

Also, the look, while decent, is not as sleek as the Sennheiser PX 100.


The Koss Porta Pro consumer headphones feature a comfortable design, great sound, are highly portable, inexpensive and come with a lifetime warranty. They are highly rated by customers and a great choice if you are looking for headphones for your Zune or iPod.

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