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Koss R80 Headphones
Professional Headphones at Consumer Prices

The Koss R80 headphones are professional headphones you can buy at consumer prices, since they are now an older model.

Koss has been around in the headphone marketplace for a few decades, but the competition continues to overwhelm them with more famous brands of headphones hitting local music and electronics stores.

Still, Koss has a loyal following amongst people that want to get a decent pair of headphones for low prices.

Koss still stands today and refreshes their lineup of headphones every now and then, but online areas like Amazon continue to sell their old models like the Koss R80.


Koss R80 Headphones
The Koss R80 looks like a fairly cheap pair of headphones if you look at the price in online stores, but it initially started out as a pair of headphones aimed towards professionals for studio production.

For its current price, Koss actually gets some of the important things right like the comfort levels.

The leatherette ear cushions are extra-large so they stay comfortable even when wearing them for long periods of time.

At the same time, the ear cushions are engineered to eliminate other surrounding noises which are very important when using them in the studio. The ear cups can also pivot for added flexibility.

If you are looking forward in catching every single note without worrying about sounds leaking out, the R80 does the job rather well as nearly 100% of the sounds go directly to the ear. This is not the kind of headphones to wear if you want to hear sounds coming from outside.

Just because these are studio headphones does not mean that you can plug them in stereo systems alone. The package comes with 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo plugs to allow the pair to be hooked up to home equipment and portable devices as well.

The coiled cord is detachable and it can extend up to 8 feet opening up more options.

Best price on the R80


While the sound is quite good when listening to music and podcasts, the bass is a little bit on the weak side containing several flaws. The uneven bass amp is one of the causes and the volume balance could use some work.

The second major issue is the durability of the cord. There are some reports of customers getting defective cords when the package arrives and finding a replacement cord is nearly impossible since the model is very old.

The built quality is also slightly below average when compared to other studio headphones.


The Koss R80 can be best described as a pair of professional headphones with a consumer price tag. You should be able to order one online by spending $50 or less.

The drawbacks of the Koss R80 are mostly drawbacks of the device as a pair of studio headphones so if you view them as consumer headphones, you might be amazed with the overall sound quality even if you are used to the ordinary earphones released this 2010.

It is also the kind of pair to get if you want to listen to music in your home all day without distractions because they are that comfortable as long as you do not forget to take them off to hear what is going on in the outside world.

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