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Koss Sparkplug Headphones

The Koss Sparkplug headphones is another now obosolete model that can still be found online is available for a deep discount.

Koss may not be a manufacturer of headphones that is known to the majority since there are so many other brands that stand out more like Sony and Bose, but Koss had a huge history as well and continues to compete in making quality headphones and earphones.

Many of their earphone products target the average consumer market because so many people already own portable devices and mobile phones with headphone jacks.

Those that don't can easily purchase a low-end portable media player that has a reasonable storage capacity, but usually has subpar earphones. Koss attempts to fill that gap by releasing all kinds of earphones under $20 with few costing above $50.

Even some of the older models like the Koss Sparkplug are still being sold today by many online retailers.


Koss Sparkplug Headphones
The Koss Sparkplug looks very similar to the Koss PLUG which can still be found on the Koss website as of August 2010.

The Sparkplug is an older model since it is no longer found there and that means it is obtainable for lower costs.

This makes it one of the best things about the Sparkplug because it does possess some of the strengths that the PLUG features.

The key feature of the Sparkplug is its ability to block noise and earphones with good noise isolation features usually cost above $40.

The noise isolation is most noticeable if you are fond of listening to podcasts or audiobooks. The unique design of the Sparkplug gets credit for its good noise isolation features.

The low price gives you more than just a single pair of earphones as it comes with some nifty extras such as a white cable cord so it can match white portable devices like the iPod. It also comes with some replacement ear cushions in case others are lost.

Best price on the Sparkplug


Although Koss got the noise isolation right, the sound quality isn't as great thus severely limiting the usage of the earphones all together unless you can deal with mediocre sound quality when listening to ordinary music tracks.

The slight hints of bass effects won't save the device either and the treble is significantly lacking. The earphones look comfortable on the outside, but it takes some time to get the most comfortable fit since the earpieces need to be squeezed so the cushion can expand properly.

Wearing these earphones for long periods of time may also result to some discomfort issues. The mute button is also sensitive and poorly designed.


The Koss Sparkplug is one of those kinds of headphones where you get exactly what you pay for and if you look hard enough online, you might even encounter places that sell brand new Koss Sparkplugs for less than $10.

Noise isolation is the only real strength here with portability being a distant second. It will most likely not replace your existing earphones, but it is good to get the privacy that you need if you plan on listening to a few audiobooks or podcasts.

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