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Koss "The Plug" Headphones

The Koss "The Plug" headphones feature noise isolation, comfort and a light weight — the high degree of portability and small size make them ideal of portable music devices.

Koss has been designing headphones for more than 50 years and many of their models throughout the years received positive feedback from customers.

However, they are still facing huge competition now that more people are buying headphones and earphones than ever before.

The number of portable audio devices is rapidly increasing and even other devices like mobile phones and GPS devices have headphone jacks allowing any pair of headphones to be used. Earphones these days tend to focus on comfort and audio quality and Koss the plug is one of them.


Koss The Plug Headphones
The design of the Koss "The Plug" earphones is quite unique and is specially engineered to plug right into the ears with comfort in mind.

A closer look at the earbuds reveals a clear Koss logo so it helps emphasize the brand.

The unique design not only tries to impress in looks, but it also focuses on noise isolation.

The ear cushions are made of hydrophilic so wearers can feel the cushion expanding as they plug in the koss the plug earphones.

This also enhances the deepness of the bass and clarity of the treble so certain tracks should sound better especially when playing back high bitrate MP3s. It also comes with 4 additional ear cushions to suit different users.

While there are no major technologies powering this pair of budget headphones, the rest of the components are made with copper voice coils that are oxygen free and neodymium iron so sound is accurately reproduced and the weight is surprisingly light at around 0.25 ounces.

The length of the cord is adequate as well measuring 4 feet. The frequency response is quite impressive ranging from 16 to 23,000 Hz.

Some of the extras that the package contains include a headband that is detachable making it easier for people to carry the earphones around. It also comes with 0.25 and 0.125-inch jacks so they can be used with just about any portable audio device.

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Because of the size and shape of the earphones, it is likely that the earphones will fall out of the ear when used for longer periods of time. Some experimentation is needed with the 4 cushions to find the appropriate fit.

They also need to be inserted in a special way which involves some squeezing. One way around this minor frustration is to use custom ear cushions. The small size also makes them easy to lose and Koss does not include any carrying case. The noise isolation features could use some improvement too.


These drawbacks do not heavily impact the entire product as a whole especially when considering the low price dipping below $20.

The Koss "The Plug" earphones may not replace the powerful noise cancelling earphones that cost two to four times as much, but they do a decent job in making listening more comfortable than conventional designs and the bass levels are exceptional.

The light nature of these earphones makes them most suitable for travelling around with one or more portable devices.

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