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Koss UR29 Headphones Review
Amazing Comfort at an Affordable Price

Here we review the Koss UR29 collapsible, portable noise cancelling headphones which get very high marks from consumers for comfort.

Products from the manufacturer Koss have been known for their ability to provide the customer an ideal compromise of affordability and quality.


Koss UR29 Headphones Review
The Koss UR29 model, like other models by the manufacturer, is worth around USD 40 which is a very good deal if you are looking for headphones for basic use such as while traveling, jogging or exercising.

The biggest calling card of these headphones is that you can virtually go to sleep with them on your ears. This is possible because of two reasons.

The first reason is their inherent noise canceling feature that can take away ambient sounds such as traffic sounds, people talking, hooters etc.

The second aspect that makes the Koss UR29 so comfortable and relaxing is that this model contains heavy padding around the ears which keeps the ears comfortable in any posture possible.

These two qualities allow for unhindered music listening experience and keep distractions like ambient sounds and discomfort in the ear at bay.

One of the problems that you may have faced with your other headphones is that while traveling it can become fairly difficult to pack. The UR29 deals with this problem by being foldable.

Hence, you can take these headphones anywhere you want and not worry about the amount of space that they are taking.

These Koss headphones come equipped with an easy to access and manipulate volume slider. This quality is appreciated by many people who have had to use hard to reach volume controls or buttons that are embedded too deep for convenient access.

Best price on the UR29


Like everything else in life, the UR29 headphones by Koss do have their own drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback with these headphones is their sound quality.

Even at their best, these headphones leave a lot to be desired with respect to the bass output. The clarity of bass has been criticized by the majority of people who have used these headphones.

Another problem with this model by Koss is its durability. These headphones are known to give out too soon. Additionally, the volume control of these headphones can cause static in the sound output when in use.


Looking at the price of Koss UR29 headphones, the drawbacks do not really hit the cost effectiveness of these phones. There are other headphones in the market that will last longer but will also cost you twice the money that these headphones are worth.

In simpler terms, you will get a lot more for the minimal price that you pay to get these headphones.

The USD 40 price tag is a very affordable price that is incomparable to other headphones that cost a lot more than this. You can find this model by Koss from your local electronics store or, more conveniently, from online music equipment stores.

Buying from online sources would allow you to have a lot of variety to choose from and you may even find a website that is offering the Koss UR29 headphones for a price that is less than USD 40.

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