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Koss VC20 Volume Control
Control your Music Volume straight from your Headphones

The Koss VC20 volume control is a headphone accessory that allows you to control the volume of your music without having to access your mp3 player.

Headphones come with a lot of different accessories that enhance usage and make listening to music more convenient and enjoyable.

Some accessories that enhance the usage of headphones usually come in a box with the headphone itself and may include an extra cord length, a carrying case, mini jacks/adapters of different sizes and belt/ clothing clips.

Other headphone accessories that can be used with different headphones but may not come with them include noise cancellation units, amplified units and volume controls of different kinds just to name a few.

These headphone accessories enhance different functions of the headphone such as improving sound quality and capacity.

These sound improving accessories usually come in a single unit that can be attached to headphones which are compatible. These types of accessories are mostly battery operated and work alongside the headphone to produce optimal sound.

Volume control on headphones enable users to easily control volume without necessarily touching the music device. This option makes volume control very easy and convenient especially when carrying out different chores or exercises while listening to music.

Many headphones on the market today do not have volume control options, so it is necessary to obtain a volume control accessory unit that will make listening more convenient.

There are different volume control units for headphones on sale. Different manufacturers produce these volume control units with specific technological features that distinguish one from the other.

Many headphones are compatible with most volume control units. But different headphone manufacturers also produce their own brand of volume control units which can be used with any other compatible headphone brand that has a supported headphone jack.


Koss VC20 Volume Control
The Koss VC20 volume control is an accessory that enables headphone users to easily control volume straight from the headphone.

This volume control headphone accessory is produced by Koss and is compatible with most headphone brands.

This unit can be connected to any 0.125 inch headphone jack and it also comes with a mini-jack plug that is compatible with many headphones.

The headphone jack is gold plated which helps to improve quality of sound coming from your music device.

The Koss VC20 volume control can also serve as an extension cord, adding a little more room for movement. Its belt clip allows you to adjust the unit in any direction which is most comfortable for you.

When listening to music on your computer or portable device, you do not need to start fiddling with the source of the music in order to control volume.

This device allows users to control volume conveniently and this basic function is very important and cannot be overlooked. This volume control unit is durable and will not break easily even when treated roughly.

The sound quality when volume is turned down using this unit diminishes considerably with music sounding not just lower but also slightly hollow.

Experienced audiophiles will find the sound quality from this unit quite unacceptable as high pitched sounds are diminished considerably when volume is turned down. Apart from this slight disadvantage, this headphone accessory is very useful and it is highly rated in its category.

Best price on the VC20 Volume Control


Volume control in headphones is very important and this effectively solves a major problem for users.

Most sports men and women in particular prefer to use headsets with volume control as they do not need to go through the stress of reaching out for a music device before being able to control the magnitude of sound.

The Koss VC20 volume control unit is a good accessory that can be used with headphones which do not have volume controls.

You need to try these out and decide for yourself if they are not worth the money spent.

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