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Best Logitech Headphones
Logitech Freepulse, Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3, Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones

We review 3 of the best Logitech headphones — the Logitech Freepulse wireless headphones, Logitech Curve headphones for MP3 and Logitech noise cancelling headphones.

Each of these headphones are designed with a specific scenario in mind, and this will dictate which of these headphones you should choose.

About Logitech

Logitech International S.A. was founded in Switzerland, in 1981. They have specialized in making computer mice and keyboards for a wide variety of companies. The computer mouse is what has made Logitech a household name.

They have vastly expanded their product list, now making everything from video game controllers to headphones. Logitech is well known for the quality wireless electronics they produce. Such products are currently in high demand.

They are an innovative company on the cutting edge of technology, so they must maintain an air of quality among the products they create.

Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones

Logitech Freepulse Headphones
These are wireless headphones with Bluetooth 2.0 enhanced data rate technology. They deliver audio within a range of up to 33 feet.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts six hours, these headphones allow for a long, wireless listening experience. The wireless receiver can be repositioned, allowing a versatile number of options as to where you may listen to your music.

Users found the wireless technology to be ideal for listening to music while working out, without having to deal with the problems a chord presents. Many found the sound quality to good, especially for wireless headphones.

At the same token, some sound will drop off from time to time. These are not headphones made for an audiophile.

The behind-the-neck technology makes these a sort of one-size-fits-all set of headphones. This makes the level of comfort differ from person to person.

Users did find that these headphones caused ear discomfort after having them on for more than 30 minutes.

At $109.99, these are quality wireless headphones that can be used with a number of audio players (they are also equipped with ipod adaptors).

They are a step up from previous wireless models, and as wireless technology gets better you can expect the all around quality of these Logitech headphones to get better.

Best price on the Logitech Freepulse

Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3

Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3
These Logitech headphones are designed specifically for various audio players and the multitude of ways one listens to music. These are, ideally, to be used for working out, jogging, walking, etc. They are the alternative to ear bud headphones.

Users found that these headphones stay on well while running. The plastic strips that go over the ear, and essentially hold these on, are comfortable and they stay in place exceptionally well. These are also waterproof, reiterating their ideal use for working out.

The sound quality and comfort of these are deemed better than most other behind-the-neck headphones. Some users did find that these fell apart pretty quickly. For the price ($10-$30) they are a good purchase for the type of headphones that they are.

Best price on the Logitech Curve Headphones for MP3

Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones

Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones
These incorporate noise canceling technology, allowing for a listening experience with no background noise to take away from what is coming out of the headphones.

They are great for traveling, as they come equipped with an airplane adaptor and a protective carrying case. The 6 foot long audio cable is ideal for a relaxing listening experience.

For the price (around $100) users found that these are a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones. Most other noise cancelling headphones are significantly pricier.

They are lightweight, and have soft ear pads, giving them quality comfort for longer listening sessions.

The primary complaint about these headphones is their durability over time. Some users found that these broke after only a matter of months. The main problem is the fragility of the rotating earpieces.

Another complaint is that the noise cancelling feature requires the use of a AAA battery in order to work; so there are added costs, and the sound quality diminishes as the battery dies.

Overall, these Logitech headphones have the sound quality you would look for in a pair of noise cancelling headphones, and they are exceptionally comfortable. Their durability is questionable, but the price, in comparison with other noise cancelling headphones, is very good.

Best price on the Logitech Noise Cancelling Headphones


Logitech is a household name when it comes to computer-related technology. They are branching out to produce a wider variety of electronics, including audio technology. Their drive to push the envelope and be innovative has led them to create a vast number of electronics.

Their headphones follow suit with the rest of their products, and the innovation they employ. While they are still honing such things as wireless technology, they maintain a good variety of headphones to fit what you may be looking for.

Any company that produces such an array of electronics is going to have its premier products, and its lesser products. It all depends on what you are willing to spend, and what sort of use you are hoping for.

Other Logitech headphones

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