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Microsoft Points

Question: What are Microsoft Points? How are they different from Zune Pass Credits?


Points are a special "currency" that allows you to buy music, tv shows, movies and music videos from the Zune Marketplace. They even have their own currency symbol!

One point equals 1.25 cents.

They are tied to your Windows Live ID. If you use the same Windows Live ID for Xbox Live then you can also use them to purchase games. In this way, you can share your points across Zune, Xbox Live and Windows Live purchases.

Zune Pass Credits

Note that Zune Pass Credits have nothing to do with points. If you own a Zune Pass then you get 10 Credits each month that you can redeem for 10 songs.

You can purchase points separately and use them to purchase songs as well. You can have both points and credits on your Zune account. You'll never have more than 10 credits at a time (since they expire). However, you can have as many points as you please and they don't expire.

Some music in the Zune Marketplace is not available for credits and requires points to both listen to and purchase. (I know this is crazy, but I don't make these rules.)

There are two ways to get points added to your Zune account...

Buying Points

The first way is straight from your Zune software. This is also the easiest.

In the Zune software just go to settings → account → Microsoft Points and select "buy microsoft points".

Buying Microsoft Points

asks you for your credit card info. It will pre-populate any credit cards you may have already used (like if you purchased a Zune pass) and give you the option to add a new card if you like.

Clicking "Buy" charges your credit card and adds the points to your account.

That's it! Now you can purchase any content from the Zune marketplace.

Note that you may have to run through this process a number of times to get the right number of points on your accounts. For example if you want only 800 points, you'll have to buy 400 points twice. Or you can save yourself the trouble and buy 1200 points. You can never really have too many points!

Redeeming a Code

The second way to purchase points is from a store like Best Buy.  You can buy a "gift card" that can be redeemed for points.

If you have a points card, then you can add the points to your account by going to settings → account → Microsoft Points and click "redeem code". Just type in your code and the points will be added to your account.

Redeeming a Code

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