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Reviews of the Sony MDR-XD200, JVC HA-NC250 and Apple In-ear Headphones

We review 3 music headphones from Sony, JVC and Apple; worth considering if you are specifically looking for headphones optimized for music.

Headphones are devices that are used to personalize listening experience from different sound devices.

A headphone can be plugged into a stereo or home theater and sounds come through directly to the earpiece instead of being broadcast openly.

There are different types of music headphones ranging from the ordinary entry-level headphones to the more sophisticated ones with varied specialized features that enhance quality, durability and sound clarity.

Different types of music headphones are made to provide different functions such as sound quality, background noise reduction and isolation and wireless capabilities amongst others.

There are lots of headphones brands produced by different manufacturers on the market. Each headphone brand/model has its specialized advantages and limiting disadvantages.

Comparing both the advantages and disadvantages of a headphone helps categorize them, thus making it easier to choose a headphone that will adequately serve a particular purpose.

Basically, music headphones make life easier for an avid music lover as they can be used with portable devices and in different environments while carrying out other activities. Music on the go is enhanced by headphones and listening has been made easier for users.

Comparing music headphones of different kinds and brands employs the use of basic features available in such a headphone.

Sony MDR-XD200 Stereo Headphone

Sony MDR-XD200 Music Headphones
The Sony MDR-XD200 stereo headphone is specially made for home use with audio and video devices.

Basic sound enhancing features of these headphones include 40mm driver units with long stroke diaphragms for robust all round sound, neodymium magnets that enhance bass and treble sounds, frequency range from 10Hz to 22,000Hz and impedance of 70 ohms.

Product features include a 3.3 feet (1m) cord with a 2.5m extension, adjustable headband, a plug-in adapter, sound mode switch for music and movie modes, durable leather construction material and special ear-conscious design for extended listening comfort.

Sounds from these headphones are great for all round listening in music and movie modes.

These headphones are quite bulky but still comfortable. Hence, they are not suitable for on-the-go use as they are quite conspicuous and will not fit in well in carry-on cases or small suitcases.

They are also not suited to outdoor use during exercise as they weigh heavily on the head and ears after a little while.

Though they are comfortable with soft earpads, the Sony MDR-XD200 stereo headphones are basically for indoor use and come with a 10 foot long cord which allows users mobility to an extent.

These headphones are relatively cheap and if you are on a tight budget, you should think of getting them for starters.

Best price on the Sony MDR-XD200


JVC HA-NC250 Music Headphones
A unique combination of noise cancelling and isolation technologies sees the JVC HA-NC250 headphone weigh-in as one of the most functional headphones to buy.

The noise cancellation unit of this headphone is fashioned with feedback technology which constantly monitors the noise-cancellation process, thus enabling it to eliminate up to 85% of background noise.

The ear units are produced with earpieces which have a double housing structure for extra sound isolation and earpads that are attached to the housing using a newly developed technique which further helps in isolating background noise.

This headphone comes in a box with a carrying case, a detachable cord of about four feet in length, an airline adapter and quarter inch plug adapter.

The HA-NC250 headphones are adapted for comfort and portability as they are very light and can be folded flat and storage becomes easier in its carrying case.

They are not suited to people who wear glasses while listening to music as the pressure they apply on the ears against the frame of the glasses will begin to hurt after some time.

The JVC HA-NC250 headphones are very efficient in cancelling out and isolating background noise. Perhaps this can be considered as their main advantage as their sound production quality is mediocre and comfort on the ears is just about passable.

Best price on the JVC HA-NC250

Apple In-ear Headphones

Apple In-ear Music Headphones
The apple in-ear headphones with remote and microphone are specially made music earphones that fit into the ear canal.

They provide adequate background sound isolation when listening to music due to their construction.

They are dual driver earphones which provide much better all round performance than most single driver earphones.

Their sound quality is very impressive and bass response can be compared to many high-end headphones.

These headphones cost less than a hundred dollars and you get good value for your money as they are very efficient in delivering optimal sounds directly into the ears.

These apple earphones come with remote and microphone which provide convenience when adjusting the volume of your music or controlling playback options.

These earphones are lightweight, weighing about 0.3 ounces and can be carried around conveniently in a special carry-on case.

The silicone ear tips make them very comfortable in the ears and ensure that they do not fall off easily. These headphones come with three different sizes of silicone heads (small, medium and large) which anyone can choose from for a more stable fit.

Replaceable screw tops are also provided for the mesh covers which cover the sound chamber.

Best price on the Apple In-ear Headphones


There are different brands of music headphones in different categories available.

Depending on your specific preferences, you should choose a headphone that best satisfies your needs.

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