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My Personal Experience With Zune HD

by Ken
(Owosso, MI USA)

I absolutely LOVE my Zune HD. Apple has some serious competition now, because my iPod does not even compare to this.

It's sleek, it looks cool, its skinny and light. I definitely love the touchscreen, it is now much easier to navigate through music compared to the old model. There is even a built in radio and it sounds like lossless quality somehow... but no complaints here.

I love that I can literally download high definition movies and play them on the TV, it's incredible. You can even RENT movies through Zune! Insane! And the quality is amazing.

The Zune HD comes with Wifi too and you can download and listen to music right from the player, which is quite impressive...

I also got my name engraved on the back for free which is a plus for sure. There's also a lot of free games you can download, it even comes with a few, actually. And not crappy cell phone quality games either, full fledged gaming. Which is something very important to me to have now, I don't know how I ever went without games on my music player...

It holds TONS of music. I can fit my entire library on the Zune and still have tons of extra room left over. And I got it for a great deal, as well.

Another plus is that the battery lasts days after constant use without even having to charge it, unlike my iPod.

The only downside I can think of is I don't think it works for Mac laptops... I tried to put music on it on my friends Mac but it wasn't recognized :/

Oh, and it even comes with internet explorer! You can literally go on almost any site through your Zune, its awesome! And I also love the fact you can put all your photos on it for on the go sharing with friends and what not. Definitely recommend this for every music lover!

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