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My word on the Zune HD

by Timothy
(California, USA)

When I decided to purchase the Zune HD it was primarily due to positive reviews and comments I saw on the internet. In use I have found such comments true in many ways.

I love it's slick design and feel. For starters, the OLED screen is great. I really love the vibrancy of it. Thumbs up for Microsoft for deciding to go for OLED. It really puts the icing on the cake for me.

The slightly smaller width compared to the iPod Touch/iPhone is no problem. Watching videos on it is a joy.

The user interface is fairly straight forward and I have no trouble navigating it at all. Touch screen response is snappy. For a touch based device it really does not have any problems in this regard.

Music playback is good, as expected. As a primary function of which quality I usually look for in a portable media player, the Zune does its job.

The Zune pass service is very delightful and is an attractive option for the Zune, due to music availability at seriously good value.

However, the fact that there are not many applications that are available for the Zune HD at this point in time, compared to the iPod Touch/iPhone, is a negative. Also it would have been nice if it had an external speaker. I find that in some situations that one would be useful, for example, sharing purposes.

As for the HD radio functionality, I personally don't use it that often, but it is a plus to have as a feature.

All in all, the Zune HD does its job well as a portable media player. It has its drawbacks, but in its strengths it is a very well rounded piece of electronics. The Zune HD is a great portable media player but it currently lacks as an application platform.

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