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My Zune does not turn on


I charged my Zune and it was fully charged so I unplugged it from the A/C outlet and went to take my bath.

When I came back to turn on my Zune it doesn't turn on at all. What is the problem? Please help me!


Hi Daniel,

Please answer some questions so we can help you fix your Zune.

1. Which model Zune are you referring to?
2. I see you are in Ghana where the Zune is not officially available. Is this is brand new Zune or a used one?
3. Is this the first time you are using the Zune? Or was it working fine before?

Also, please try the following.

1. Plug it back into the A/C adapter. What is the behavior? Does the charging symbol indicate that the battery is fully charged?
2. Connect your Zune to your PC via a sync cable. Does the Zune software recognize your Zune?

Please come back and reply to these questions via the comments on this page so we can continue to assist you in getting your Zune operational again.

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