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My Zune has stopped working!

by Heather
(Taber, Alberta, Canada)

I got my Zune for a present last Christmas. I have used it but not overly. I would have to say that there definitely isn't more than 100 hours on it.

This summer I used it for a couple days everything was fine. Then on the 3rd day it wouldn't turn on or even register when I plugged it into my computer. I left it plugged in and about 2 hours later it had started working again.

Half-way through the next day it stopped working again. Ever since then it has just randomly started up and shut down on its own.

I left it for a couple months. Now I'm trying to use it again and it won't turn on it won't even charge up or anything when I plug it in.

Do you have any suggestions? I should add that my Zune hasn't been dropped or damaged in any way. This just started out of nowhere.


It sounds like you have a defective Zune. The behavior you describe is certainly out of the ordinary. You haven't mentioned which Zune you have but since you received it last Christmas it must be one of the Zune mp3 players and not the Zune HD.

The good news is that your Zune should still be under warranty. Microsoft will repair or replace it for free.

Please go to and register your Zune. It will ask you for your Zune's serial number which you'll find inscribed on the back cover of your Zune.

Once it's registered, it should show that it's under warranty. Select the "Zune player is unresponsive" option under the Request Service dropdown.

It will walk you through some troubleshooting steps. Try these and see if they fix your problem. If they don't, it will give you the option to send in your Zune.

Good luck!


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