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My Zune will not connect to the Zune Software

by Gerald Burnell

My Zune works fine except that it will not connect to the Zune Software on my PC.

I had it checked by Best Buy who said that it connected to their computer and I should try to re-download the Zune software. I did this but the results are the same, i.e. I cannot connect my Zune with the Zune Software.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


If you have a legacy Zune (any Zune other than the Zune HD) and you've downloaded the latest Zune software update (version 4.0), then you have to do two things to make sure the new software can see your older Zune.

1. To get your Zune software to detect your Zune, you may have to install a new device driver on your computer.

2. After that, you'll have to make sure your Zune firmware is updated to version 3.20 (35). If your Zune is not updating automatically you can go to device -> player update in the Zune software and install the update.

Once you do these two things, you'll be able to use your Zune again. I faced the same issue myself once I downloaded the new Zune software.

Please see this page for detailed instructions.

Hope this helps!


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