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New Zune won't start

by Brian
(Houston, Texas, USA)

My wife bought 2 new 120 GB Zunes and neither one will start. Nothing comes on the screen when she tries to turn the device on. They won't show charging. Plug it into the computer and it is not detected as a device. This is the same for both devices.

She did not have this problem with the iPods. Can you advise what to do?


A new Zune must be charged for about 8 hours before you can use it. Use the USB sync cable that came with your Zune to plug it into your PC and keep it like that for 8 hours before you use it.

Make sure your PC is on while you charge your Zune otherwise no power will be output from the USB port.

Also make sure to download the latest software from You'll need it before you can start using your Zune.

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