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Panasonic RP HC55 Noise Canceling Headphones
Headphone Review of the Panasoninc Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The Panasonic RP HC55 noise canceling earbud headphones are noise reduction headphones.

Who would've thought? Yes, here we will talk about these Panasonic headphones and how good their noise cancelling functions really are.

The Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd.) is a Japanese electronics manufacturing company. You might know them better for their TVs.


Panasonic RP HC55 Noise Cancelling
These inexpensive headphones from Panasonic are small, compact and are intended to reduce outside noise interruption by 88% at 18dB.

They include a holder for storage, a carrying pouch, and clips for clothing as well as small, medium and large ear pads.

It also comes along with a plug adaptor for airplane seats which is ideal, since that is probably where you will be using it, or will need it.

Now to get really effective sound-reducing headphones like pilots use would cost too much, but with these headphones you are on the safe side in terms of money.

These headphones are the type that you actually put into your ear, rather than have them over your ear in one way or another.

Due to the fact that they actually go into the ear canal one might assume that it could be uncomfortable to wear, but thanks to the soft silicone plugs that isn't a problem.

Their noise reduction of the Panasonic RP HC55 noise canceling headphones is also superb and one could even assume that it comes close to 88%, if you could measure it.

In high frequency ranges (conversations, radio, TV etc.) the headphones are put to their limits, as is the case with most headphones, but that is not what they were designed for.

They were designed to suppress lower frequency tunes, such as the vibrating of a motor or a train. This is done effectively with these headphones.

With a single AAA battery they will last you around 40 hours when you just use them for listening to music whilst having the noise reduced around you, and they will last twice as long, 80 hours, if you use them solely for the purpose of reducing noise from your surroundings.

Best price on the Panasonic RP HC55


The build of the headphones are well done, but the battery compartment is very lightweight and is prone to damage.

In an environment where you will be prone to a lot of talking or high frequency things such as voices or a radio you are better off with something else, since these headphones will, even being in your ear canal, still allow a lot of noise to come through to you.

The volume control of the Panasonic RP HC55 noise canceling headphones also happens to be on the battery unit. This position may sometimes cause you to unintentionally increase or reduce the volume.

Also you cannot adjust the position of the battery case. It is pretty much dead in the middle of the headphone cord and this can turn into a problem for mobility, since it is pretty heavy. Sooner or later the headphones will pop out of your ears.

The wires tend to tangle themselves way too often as well. Hopefully you will not experience any "shocks" as experienced by one user who used these headphones on the PC.


The Panasonic RP HC55 noise canceling headphones are pretty decent for their price and will get the job done, but there are better noise cancelling headphones out there.

If you want quick and dispensable headphones then these headphones are a good choice.

If you want quality headphones that will cancel out the surrounding noises better then you will have to consider investing more money in a pair of good headphones that will cancel out even lower frequencies better than these headphones.

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