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Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones
Philips HN110, Philips SHN9500 and Philips SHN5500/37 Noise Cancelling Headphone Reviews

In this article we review three Philips noise cancelling headphones — the Philips HN110, Philips SHN9500 and Philips SHN5500/37 models.

Philips is a known brand name in the electronics and household appliance industry. This is a yardstick for the kind and quality of headphones that they produce.

Most Philips headphones are known for their efficiency and durability in particular. Like every other headphone manufacturer, Philips prides itself on providing optimal sound quality from its many headphones on the market.

Philips has different noise cancelling headphones on the market which are reasonably priced and do a good job of cancelling out ambient noise.

A number of physical and technological features are built into the noise cancelling headphones which enable them to cancel out almost all low frequency noise and some mid-range noise. Thus, ensuring that users can use them adequately in noisy environments and enjoy music to the core.

Philips HN110

Philips HN110 Noise Cancelling Headphones
The HN110 the most popular model of Philips noise cancelling headphones which helps to adequately cancel out background noise, providing more enjoyable listening modes.

They are basically around the ear headphones that cover the ears completely when worn for better listening.

These headphones are suitable for people who travel frequently as they help block out typical noise from airplane engines, train engines and chatter from travelling companions.

The noise cancellation feature can be switched on and off via a power switch located on the side of the headphones.

Other features of these headphones include frequency response of 20Hz-20 KHz, 40 mm driver units, neodymium magnet and closed-style headphone design that isolate background noise.

Dimensions of these headphones are 8 by 4 by 8 inches and they weigh approximately two pounds.

As observed in all noise cancellation headphones, background noise cannot be completely cancelled out with the Philips HN110. Some noise, especially high frequency noise such as speech sounds are still heard when using these headphones.

The Philips HN110 work in such a way that its closed-type earphones help in isolating noise which when combined with its electronic noise cancellation feature does a good job in cancelling out low frequency noise.

These headphones provide good sound quality but typical audiophiles may be somewhat disappointed as they are not known specifically for their sound prowess.

Best price on the Philips HN110

Philips SHN9500

Philips SHN9500 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
The Philips SHN9500 is another popular Philips noise cancelling headphone that offers relief to users who are always on the go or work in noisy environments.

This headphone comes complete with different technological and product features which ensure that it meets varying customer demands.

They are around the ear headphones with earpads which act as earmuffs that help to isolate background noise to an extent.

Their noise cancellation capabilities can be as much as 85% which ensures that medium range frequencies are cancelled out as well as some high range frequency noise.

Neodymium drivers help to improve sound quality from these headphones especially its bass response.

Basic features of the Philips SHN9500 include neodymium magnets, asymmetric cabling system which helps to keep the cable tangle free, a gold plated plug which helps to improve audio quality, soft rubber caps which can be made to fit all ear sizes and flexi-grip design which prevents the cable from breaking easily as a result of repeated bending.

These headphones come with a special plug-in adapter for flight connection systems, replaceable batteries which ensures that you can start to use them immediately and a carrying case for easy mobility.

Like most around the ear headphones, the Philips SHN9500 becomes uncomfortable after long extended wear. Individuals with large ears may find them very uncomfortable as they tend to press against the ears.

The adjustable headband ensures proper fit over the head and comfort is improved with this feature.

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Philips SHN5500/37

Philips SHN5500-37 Noise Cancelling Headphones
Another Philips noise cancelling headphone is the SHN5500/37 headphone.

These headphones are typical behind the ear headphones which come with a relatively affordable price tag.

They provide up to 65% of active noise cancellation which ensures optimal listening in noisy environments.

Basic features of these headphones include neodymium magnets for excellent sound quality, one sided cable construction with a 1.2m long cable and adjustable earpads for a complete seal.

Accessories that come with these headphones include an audio adapter and batteries.

The Philip SHN5500/37 headphones can be fastened to the ear via clips which keep them on tight.

If you are not used to behind the ear headphones, it may take some time for you to get accustomed to this headphone.

Sound quality from this headphone is quite good and improves when the background noise cancellation feature is turned on in noisy environments.

Best price on the Philips SHN5500/37


When choosing which noise cancelling headphones to buy, you should consider some basic features and their functions.

For instance, there is no noise cancellation headphone on the market that can cancel out all background noise. Most noise cancellation headphones that have around the ear construction will cancel out noise more effectively that their over the ear counterparts.

In general, most noise cancellation headphones that cost between thirty five dollars and a hundred dollars have the same noise cancellation capacities as other more expensive headphones but lower sound qualities.

Many Philips noise cancelling headphones are priced below a hundred dollars and do a fairly good job of cancelling out background noise.

Other Philips Headphones

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