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Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones
Earbud Headphones designed for Sports

The Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones aren't your typical pair of earbud headphones. They come attached to what is called an "earhook".

It is essentially a thin band of rubber contoured to fit behind your ear to help secure the ear bud in place. It's an interesting design and works well for some and not so well for others.

Though at less than $10, it's a fairly good deal either way.


Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones
As stated in the introduction the Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones defining characteristic is the molded rubber that sits behind your ear.

This allows a more secure fit that's great for vigorous activities. The hook itself is flexible and so it can fit just about any ear without much trouble.

They come in both black and white so you can choose depending on your preference.

If the ear bud portion fits in your ear, these are great choice for any exercising you may be doing.

They provide impressive sound quality. They have a single vent on the reverse of each driver providing a better bass response than non-vented ear buds.

Though they certainly don't neglect the highs or in betweens either.

Best price on the Philips SHS3201


The Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones certainly have their niche, but the biggest problem facing them is their fit. As a one size model people often find them unaccommodating when it comes to their ears.

One of the biggest problems many people face is the fact that hard shelled ear buds simply don't fit in some ears. They end up either being too big or too small for many of the people.

If the ear bud is too big after wearing it for a prolonged period of time people often complain of soreness at the entrance to the ear canal where the ear buds were seated. This means that you'd have to take them off and massage the ear for a moment before putting them back in.

This is an unnecessary disruption that shouldn't have to happen, especially when they are made for activities like climbing and cycling where you often can't stop what you're doing just to take them out every so often.

The next problem comes up with the ear hooks themselves.

The ear hooks are like the earbuds in that although they fit a wide range of people, those with too large or too small ears will have trouble wearing them for a long time.

The same problems arise with soreness differing only in location. Whereas the ear buds make the entrance to the ear a bit sore the ear hooks make the top ridge of the ear nearest to you head a sore if they don't fit properly.

Yet another downside is the headphone cord.

Though it's not oddly thin, it's still thinner than it should be when designed for high intensity activities. A thin cord makes it easier to stretch or even snap if not handled correctly.

This combined with the need for a match in not only the size of your ear canal, but the size of your ears for comfortable usage make this hard to recommend fully.

They aren't oddly sized, but unless both are at least around average sized you might run into trouble with these sports headphones.


All in all the Philips SHS3201 Earhook Headphones aren't bad headphones.

They're just not right for everyone. If you plan on using them in the gym on spinning machines or when lifting weights these would make a great choice provided your ears aren't too small or too large.

But if you're cycling on the road or mountains or doing any other activity where these could get snagged somewhere you should look for something with a hardier cord.

As they are available for a decent price, they are hard to beat for ear buds that don't fall out when moving around a lot.

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