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Philips SHS5200
Reflective Neckband Sports Headphones

This Philips SHS5200 Reflective Neckband Headphones are fairly cheap in price, but not in quality.

With a range of features designed for active living, they are a great selection for athletes or anyone else who may spend a good deal of time moving around with headphones on.

They go for about $13 so you're not breaking the bank either.


Philips SHS5200
These headphones were created with an active lifestyle in mind. Starting with the ergonomic design and carried throughout.

They're neckband headphones which means that instead of going over the head like most over-the-ear headphones they go around the back of your neck and sit just on the base of the ear.

This makes them great for physical activities as they'll be far less likely to fall off or even move around all that much.

They also have reflector built right into the back of the headphones so people behind you can see them. You shouldn't rely solely on the reflectors for safety, but it's a nice touch.

A further testament to their focus on standing up to physically demanding situations is the nylon woven headphone cord. Rather than just using a typical girth cord made of rubber, these headphones use a tightly woven nylon as protection against whatever you throw at it.

On top of all its really nice that the headphone cord on the Philips SHS5200 is an individual cord rather than the Y shaped cord of most other models.

Having a single cord removes the clutter that would get in the way when jogging. An added benefit of the design of these sports headphones is the superbly easy way of wrapping the cord around the headphones for easy storage.

Due to their around the ear design there is a small crevice between the driver and the hard plastic neckband. The cord can be nicely wrapped so that it falls into that nook. This is definitely a nice, unexpected treat.

The sound quality isn't as good as some other more expensive headphones, but they certainly hold their own against others in their price range.

While highs and mid-range are just OK most people love the bass response they give. The larger than usual vented drivers are responsible for that.

The sound overall though is neither noteworthy for its quality or lack thereof.

Best price on the SHS5200


The main drawback of these headphones is the lack of any noise canceling and due to the vented drivers you can sometimes get a good deal of noise leaking in.

They also suffer from being a one size fits all product. For many people these simply won't fit properly.

One of the more common problems is that when wearing them for a prolonged period of time they begin to pinch the base of the ear causing discomfort.

Another problem is that they just don't fit around your head and hair. Those with especially large amount of long thick hair will probably have trouble with these.


When all is said and done the Philips SHS5200 are great sports headphones for vigorous exercise or any other activities that require a good deal of movement.

They may have their downsides, but if they work for you they're hard to beat on anything besides sound quality and some inward noise leakage.

Considering the $13 price they are an excellent choice for those who live actively. Whether you like the styling on these is more a matter of personal taste than anything.

Some people seem to love their funky almost futuristic look; others think they look awkward and unbalanced. Even then, if you're only going to be using them when exercising than putting the looks aside, they're a great choice.

If you've ever wanted a pair of headphones that could keep up with you, whether you were jogging, lifting or climbing and have them not get in the way, you owe it to yourself to give the Philips SHS5200 headphones a chance.

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