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Pink Skullcandy Headphones
Skullcandy INK'D Review

The pink Skullcandy headphones we'll review are of the INK'D series, Skullcandy's wildly popular earbud headphones.

With a $10 price tag, solid build quality, a contemporary style, and great sound, they are a good choice if you're looking for a cheap workhorse set of headphones.

They're also available in others colors, and while we're reviewing the pink ones, most of the review applies to the other colors as well.


Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds Pink Headphones
These pink Skullcandy Headphones are in-ear style.

So rather than sitting at the entrance of the ear canal like ear buds or resting over the entire ear they enter slightly into the ear canal and are held there by very soft silicone ear gels.

I've yet to meet anyone for whom these earphones didn't fit at least as well as typical ear bud style headphones. The cord comes in at 51" (~1.29m) and they also come with 3 sets of the silicone ear gels for the perfect fit.

The style is modern and youth oriented with a pseudo-industrial look of faux brushed metal and bolts topped off with a band circling the speaker to accent the pink.

The sound quality on these is surprisingly good as well. You get far better quality than you'd expect for $10. Sound comes through well defined anywhere in the spectrum. Bass sounds came across very well considering the smaller size of these headphones.

Helped in part by the 11mm speaker and also by virtue of being in-ear, they help to block out a good deal of sound even when they're not pumping out tunes.

Where these pink Skullcandy headphones really stand out though is in their comfort. Nothing short of $100 will get most people a better feeling pair of headphones.

Long periods of listening are a non-issue with these. You could get on a flight from New York to London, have these in the whole time and you wouldn't be any worse for the wear at your destination.

Best price on the Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds


The biggest flaw with these headphones is the cord is flimsy compared to more expensive models. It's been known to break internally at where the 3.5mm plug meets the cord.

This is usually due to a person wrapping the headphones around their personal media player and straining the connection between the plug and the cord. So you want to make sure that you fold them for storage rather than wrap them around whatever you happen to be carrying.

The other potential flaw is that although the sound quality is very good there are better sounding headphones. Again, though you're not likely to notice much of a difference without spending significantly more.

So while these headphones make a great choice, they're far from the end all be all of earbud headphones, but as long as that's not what you were expecting you'll probably not be disappointed with what you get.


The pink Skullcandy Headphones are notable not only because of their great design, sound quality and comfort, but their popularity.

They're becoming the new standard for what people expect from headphones. That's saying a lot considering just a few years ago very few people had even heard of Skullcandy as a company.

They're hard not to recommend to anyone looking for day to day headphones for walking around, listening on your computer or any other non-strenuous activity.

If you want to see how popular they are, just look around any major city. Most buses and trains are filled with people enjoying their Skullcandy's.

Though they come in different colors you'll be able to tell from the ever more iconic stylized skull on the end of the headphones.

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