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Best Radio Headphones
3 Excellent Headphone Radio Options from Sony

Good radio headphones are hard to find, but we've chosen three excellent headphone radio options—all from Sony, the dominant player in this little corner of the headphone market.

What are Radio Headphones?

Music lovers want to always enjoy their music. This rule has no exception. No matter what, their music should flow because quality is in high demand as well.

Good music has two faces, the music and the player. Good music listened on a bad player is terrible and can be equally irritating.

Privacy during music play is achieved with the aid of headphones. There are several headphones available and one for each occasion.

Headphones have been made to suit our everyday lives. Whether you are riding the bicycle or swimming in the pool, there is a custom made headphone for you.

One group of headphones worth knowing about is the radio headphones. Radio headphones give you the freedom you want to walk around while you listen to your favorite song.

They use radio signals to communicate with your headphone. They have a wider range as they transmit on radio waves.

They operate on FM but use different frequency and you have the option to set the frequency to avoid interfering in the next house's radio headphones.

There are several radio headphones around. Three of the best radio headphones available are Sony SRFH4 Analog Tuning AM / FM Headphone Radio, Sony SRF-H11 S2 Sports AM / FM Radio Walkman with Rear Reflector, and the Sony SRF-HM33 Walkman FM/AM Stereo Headphone Radio with 20 Preset Stations.

Sony SRFH4 Analog Tuning AM / FM Headphone Radio

Sony SRFH4 Radio Headphones
Sony's SRFH4 Analog AM/FM Tuning Headphone Radio is a nice experience to have. It weighs just 122 grams including batteries. Lightweight and adjustable, the SRFH4 is very good for jogging and working out.

The ear pad fits perfectly and saves you the agony of having to stop your workout or jogging to re-adjust. You can fit it any way you want thanks to the double adjustable headband. The SRFH4 provides comfort during the music listening experience.

The FM dialer has now been improved to reject bleed from other channels. At the price it is been offered, we think Sony has done a good job on the SRFH4.

Some users have complained of sporadic loss of reception, the design with the pole sticking up your head and the fact that there is an analog dial/knob on the side of the headset.

Best price on the Sony SRFH4

Sony SRF-H11 S2 Sports AM/FM Radio Walkman with Rear Reflector

Sony SRF-H11 S2 Radio Headphones
Wireless and stylish, the SRFH11 S2 is a great radio headphone for you if you want the freedom that comes with working out while enjoying your music or TV programs. It has an excellent sound quality and the bass booster produces a great sound effect.

It uses 1 AAA size battery and lasts for a decent time span; it can last about three months with daily use and you will agree that that is pretty good.

If you are planning on going out for jogging or any other outdoor activity, the SRFH11 S2 can be very rewarding for you. Having the ability to fit into your ear properly means you don't have to worry about the earpiece coming off.

However, the SRFH11 S2 has some serious customer complaints. The number one complaint has to do with the design of the earpiece itself.

It feels very uncomfortable for some users and this should be improved by Sony in the subsequent update. Common complaints about the problem with the earpiece are that it causes sore ears after prolonged use.

Another complaint also has to do with the AM and FM reception. Users commonly complain that the reception is not stable and goes off often. This can be very frustrating when you are in the middle of enjoying a great song or FM/ AM program.

Users have also complained of its weight and bulky nature. This sometimes makes it uncomfortable for certain people.

Best price on the Sony SRFH11 S2

Sony SRF-HM33 Walkman FM/AM Stereo Headphone Radio with 20 Preset Stations

Sony SRF-HM33 Radio Headphones
Digital, stylish and easy to fit on the ear, the SRF-HM33 walkman FM/AM stereo headphone is loved by its users. It incorporates the flexibility that comes with digital tuning with clear FM / AM signals.

The auto presets are easy to use and memorize. They are fairly lightweight and the battery life is long. They are easy and comfortable to fit in the ear and once they are in place, forget about them coming off.

The headphone's audio quality is also splendid.

Some complaints made of the Sony SRF-HM33 Walkman include difficulty in opening battery compartment. Some users have also complained of poor FM/AM/TV reception.

The digital display screen has also been complained of. According to some users, it goes off and comes back sporadically.

Best price on the Sony SRF-HM33


If you're looking for a headphone radio, these three from Sony are excellent choices to pick from. While they all have their flaws, they are among the most popular radio headphones available today.

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