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RCA Wireless Headphones
RCA WHP 141 900MHz, RCA WHP 160 900MHz and Audiovox WHP 160T Headphones Reviews

Here we will review some of the RCA wireless headphones that are available on the market today—the RCA WHP 141, the RCA WHP 160 and the Audiovox WHP 160T.

RCA (Radio Corporation of America) was an electronics company, which now belongs to the French company, Thomson SA.

Currently they produce fine products such as telephones, televisions, car stereos, microwaves and audio/video products.

RCA WHP 141 900MHz

RCA WHP 141 900MHz Wireless Headphones
The RCA WHP 141 900MHz is a wireless headphone that uses the RCA patented RF transmission technology. RF transmission means it is transmitted over radio frequency, or radio waves.

There is a cradle included with the purchase of your headphones and the transmitter itself uses a "double Phase Lock Loop" technology.

This is a technology which allows you to walk 150 feet away from the cradle and still be able to hear the music coming from these headphones. Even through thick walls, floors and ceilings.

Altogether, the quality of these RCA wireless headphones is exquisite, albeit many people have complained about a certain "hissing" or "static" when first connecting these headphones.

This is usually the case when the output volume is set very low. You will simply have to set the source volume very high to make sure that you do not get this hissing sound.

For example when you connect the headphones to your PC, make sure your PC has the sound at a very high level, perhaps even at the max.

There are also sporadic popping noises that can be heard with these headphones, when the headphones are recharging. They will lose their 'connection' then get it again and this repeat often, therefore leading to 'popping' sounds coming from the headphones.

The battery life on these headphones is weak, varying between 3-5 hours max, after charging the batteries for an entire night.

There is also an energy-saving mode, while this is laudable, it sometimes stays in its "sleep" mode where it uses less power, therefore requiring you to 'wake it up' by switching channels once or twice.

With the inexpensive price however, you get what you pay for.

Best price on the RCA WHP 141 900MHz

RCA WHP 160 900MHz

RCA WHP 160 900MHz Wireless Headphones
The RCA WHP 160 900MHz is quite similar to the aforementioned model, albeit it has a range of 'only' 125 feet.

This still gives you the possibility to roam around the house listening to music, but it shares the positives and negatives with the former model.

These RCA wireless headphones are tight and uncomfortable, as they try to crush your head between their mighty and soft earpieces.

They only look soft though, as the small layer of foam between your head and the earpiece is barely enough. It looks softer than it actually is.

At first the comfort is tolerable, but wearing them longer than 1-2 hours can be painful and sweaty.

If you have a lot of other electronic equipment near your transmitter, prepare yourself for the hunt of the perfect location for the transmitter, so it doesn't end up interfering and hissing at all your other gear.

It does share the good factors such as the high quality in low and high notes and good transmission of music, should it ever reach your ears, least the connection be interrupted only for it to come back with vengeance and furious anger. The loud static that bolts in immediately afterwards will have you jolt in your seat.

The RCA WHP 160 is definitely not for a connoisseur of good music paired with comfort.

Best price on the RCA WHP 160 900MHz

Audiovox WHP 160T

Audiovox WHP 160T 900MHz Wireless Headphones
Much like the other models, these RCA wireless headphones are quite similar in range, sound quality and design.

Although they are inexpensive, they seem to gather only negative reviews, although on first appearance it may seem as if they are no different from the other models.

However, they are indeed different in their build.

They have a worse reception than the other models, they have near to no range and the prominent "hissing" of all models is sometimes non-repairable with this model.

If they work however, they omit great sound quality like all the other models, but that is rarely the case.

You will probably end up hearing more static than you are hearing music and one person has experienced RCA not honoring their 1 year warranty guarantee on their product despite the headphones having a broken receiver.

Best price on the Audiovox WHP 160T


Here we have reviewed three RCA wireless headphones, the RCA WHP 141 being the best of the three.

Be sure to consider the RCA WHP 141 900MHz if you want cheap, dispensable wireless headphones with pretty good quality.

You'll have to read up on how to install them correctly and be careful when you place your transmitter, but other than that you will get what you pay for.

The other two models seem more or less similar, but the cons in comparison to the RCA WHP 141 model outweigh the pros, which the RCA WHP 141 model shares either way.

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