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Running Headphones
Philips SHS 3200, Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II and Econdo Ear Plug Sport Headphones Reviews

Looking for running headphones?

If you are the sporty type and enjoy listening to some tunes when jogging or at the gym, then I can help you find some good ones.

Basically headphones designed for running are made to make sure you can run without worrying about the headphones falling out of your ears and you losing your pace.

For safety they should not block out all sound and you should also be able to hear some noise from your surroundings.

Here, we will briefly go over these sport headphones:
  • Philips SHS 3200 Headphones
  • Sennheiser's PMX 80 Sport II In-Ear-Headphones and
  • Econdo EAR Plug Sport Headphones

Philips SHS 3200

Philips SHS 3200 Running Headphones
The Philips SHS 3200 have flexible and well-designed earpieces. They omit bass pretty well and all together sound pretty good.

The earpieces are flexible as well, so they'll only feel uncomfortable when you are still getting used to them and once the earpieces are in place they only come off when you want them to.

I decided to try these out and was positively surprised by the way they seem to glue on to my ears. They're pretty well made and inexpensive so that's already a bonus point.

Thanks to the long cable I don't have to worry about ripping them off my ears. The cable itself is 120cm long and that's just great for when I am running.

The volume level is satisfactory, blending out almost all other sounds from the environment, but since it isn't actually in my ear it still lets me hear things around me. A biker from behind, or talking to someone while we jog isn't a problem even with the headphones on.

Even after wearing them for longer runs you don't notice them at all, you will eventually even forget you have them on your ears.

For about $10 online, these headphones are a very popular choice for running headphones.

Best price on the Philips SHS 3200

Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II

Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport Series II Running Headphones
Now for comparison we have the Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II.

Sennheiser is the definition of sound quality in terms of, not only headphones, but also sound systems at home or in cars or basically anywhere else.

Contrary to many In-Ear headphones, these running headphones don't actually go into your ear, thus allowing you to hear your surroundings just as well.

This is important to not completely phase out and ignore everything around you.

The light plastic holder that ends up behind your head is very light and you don't have to worry about it becoming a nuisance. The earpieces are connected with the entirety of the headphones and are therefore not very flexible.

Either way, it's still easy to put on and the horizontal pressure is near to null, even though it is pretty static in its shape. But thanks to the lightweight build it doesn't make that much of a difference.

Once you put them on, they don't budge even a millimeter. The holder along your ears and the earpieces in your ear make sure that the headphones stay well on your head.

Of course, after first usage you still have to get used to the new feeling in your ears but that disappears quickly.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II is great, but even though it's Sennheiser you cannot expect the best of the best sound quality considering the size of the headphones, but amongst this size it is one of the best.

Higher notes are captured well with these headphones even when you are on the run and with the surroundings creating their fair share of noise, you can still hear the music well. Bass notes however are a little weak.

You can even out that weakness with an equalizer in your mp3-player, if it has one, however you will still not notice a great difference. Higher notes are clearly the advantage of the Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II.

Best price on the Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport II

Econdo Ear Plug Sport

Econdo Ear Plug Sport Running Headphones
These are the cheapest of the running headphones.

If you don't feel like spending a lot, or know you will only be jogging for a limited amount of time, you may want to consider these headphones.

The earpieces are soft and go into your ear and are quite soft.

The cable that leads towards your mp3-player is a little short so hopefully you have a chest pocket or similar, else you will end up carrying your mp3-player.

Don't expect high fidelity with these headphones, they are meant to play the music, but not to make the music sound good.

If you are not willing to spend a lot you are best off with these headphones.


If you are willing to spend a little bit more, definitely go for the Sennheiser sport running headphones. They are comfortable, have good sound quality and endure quite a lot.

If you don't want to spend as much, but are still willing to spend a little more than $3 then get the Philips sport headphones. They are just as good as the Sennheiser more or less, just without the name brand and with excellent ear grip.

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