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Best Sennheiser Headphones
Reviews of Sennheiser CX-300, Sennheiser HD-202 and Sennheiser HD-280 headphones

We review the 3 best Sennheiser headphones based on consumer satisfaction. These include the Sennheiser CX-300 earbuds, HD-202 headphones and HD-280 professional headphones.

About Sennheiser

At the end of the second world war, Fritz Sennheiser was working in a Hannover University research lab that had been moved to a little village called Wennebostel due to the war.

With no more wartime research work to do, he rounded up some coworkers and they started a company, Labor Wennebostel, which originally made test instruments.

One of the early products they developed was a high performance microphone for making measurements with their test equipment, but the outstanding performance made it a hit with recording engineers.

In the space of a few years the company was transformed into Sennheiser electronics, and became a specialist manufacturer of studio microphones, headphones, and top quality monitor speakers.

Today this still sums up the core of the companies work. They have a couple of subsidiaries specializing in studio mikes and monitor speakers, but they are best known for their Sennheiser headphones.

Today the company has around 2500 employees, research centers in Hamburg and Palo alto, and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Ireland, and New Mexico.

Whatever Sennheiser product you buy, you can be sure you're getting a product designed with state of the art technology, not just a 'me too' copy of what everybody else is doing.

Sennheiser CX-300 Earbuds

Sennheiser CX-300 Earbuds
When you're traveling around with your iPod or MP3 player, you can't beat the convenience of earbuds that you can just slip into your pocket when you arrive.

Making good earbuds is not easy, the models supplied with even the best players rarely offer the best in quality.

Sennheiser have pulled out all the stops with this model. The earbuds are supplied with soft silicon rubber pads in three different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit in the ear.

Once lodged in the ear, the performance is outstanding: 112db of sound pressure and a frequency range that extends from 18Hz through to 20KHz, that's as good as hi-fi speakers.

The earplug style is designed to block external noise, they are ideal for noisy environments like busy subway trains or planes. A lot of their performance depends on the tight seal they make in your ear.

Sennheiser not only supply 3 different sizes for you to try, they sell replacement packs so you can easily fix damaged or worn pads.

Best price on the Sennheiser CX-300

Sennheiser HD-202 Headphones

Sennheiser HD-202 Headphones
Earbuds are a great convenience when your traveling, but a lot of people find them uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

A pair of Sennheiser headphones might suit you better for sitting back and listening to your music at home without disturbing everyone else (and from being disturbed by others!).

Sennheiser's HD-202 headphones are a closed Supra-Arual type. Supra-Aural means they are essentially pads that rest on your ear like ear muffs, but because they are a closed type they also have a padded band that runs round the outside to isolate your from the rest of the world.

The closed design also brings hi-fi benefits, a special construction means they give excellent bass rendition, something often lacking in Supra-Aural types.

Giving an excellent reproduction right across the HiFI range of 18Hz to 20KHz, they are perfect for listening to all types of music. The soft pads are replaceable, so you can easily keep them in pristine condition.

They also come with a 10ft cable wound on a belt clip, so they will reach your stereo or home theater, but excess cord can be wound up when using a personal audio device.

The lightweight design and very soft pads make them extremely comfortable, but that does mean they are perhaps not the best for heavy duty use.

Best price on the Sennheiser HD-202

Sennheiser HD-280 Professional Headphones

Sennheiser HD-280 Headphones
The HD-280 Sennheiser headphones are an all round professional model. The are a circumaural design, that means they completely enclose the ear area.

They offer excellent isolation from outside noise, the 32db of attenuation is better than active noise cancelling headphones, and the large ear cups form a generous cavity where sound can be reproduced in the most natural way.

An extended frequency response from 8Hz to 25KHz means there is nothing they miss. Just to add a finishing touch to the specs, the cable is made of oxygen free copper.

But professional doesn't just mean superb reproduction quality, these headphones are designed for people who need to use them every day.

The adjustable headband and ergonomic hinged earpad design means they stay on your head securely, even when your not sitting still.

The robust construction means they don't need to be treated with kid gloves, they can be worn and removed, dumped on the bench, or packed away in a flight box without having to worry too much about damaging them. Easily interchangable components mean that HD-280 headphones can be kept in pristine condition, even when used frequently.

These are headphones for people who work with music: Sound engineers, DJ's, and musicians in the recording studio, or just practicing with backing tracks, will all appreciate the excellent reproduction and solid construction of these professional Sennheiser headphones.

Best price on the Sennheiser HD-280


All Sennheiser headphones offer excellent reproduction, and a high degree of isolation from the world outside. The best choice depends on the application.

The CX300-B earbuds are the obvious choice for people listening to music on the move, the HD 202 headphones are the high comfort choice for people relaxing at home.

The professional HD-280 headphones offer the best reproduction, and the robustness needed by people who are moving while they are listening, be it working, playing an instrument, or just an air guitar!

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