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Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones

We review the Sennheiser RS140 — high quality, popular and affordable wireless headphones from Sennheiser.

The convenience that wireless headphones provide is what endears them to most users. Most people buy wireless headphones simply for use when moving around while listening to music.

Wired headphones restrict movement and cause obstruction when performing exercises and household chores or lying down leisurely on you couch or bed.

Though wireless headphones do not produce great sounds when compared to wired headphones, they can be purchased as backup headphones for use when mobility around a room, office or apartment becomes a primary objective.

Wireless headphones usually come complete with a central base station which acts as the receiver and transmission unit. This base station receives signals from a music device and sends them to the wireless headset.

Hence, sound quality usually depreciates as a result of distortions and signal fluctuations. Hissing and humming sounds may be occasionally heard when listening using wireless headphones which reduces the quality of sound produced.

The range of wireless headphones depicts the transmission limits as measured in distance from the central base station to the wireless headset. If the range of a wireless headphone is exceeded, transmission is disturbed and sounds usually cease.

Thus, the range of a wireless headphone is very important and should be considered when shopping for a wireless headphone.

Wireless headphones that utilize radio waves to obtain their wireless functions usually have a wider range. There are different types of wireless headphones on the market produced by different manufacturers that make use of different technology to obtain wireless capabilities.


Sennheiser RS140 Wireless Headphones
The Sennheiser RS140 wireless headphones are closed earcup headphones that provide surrounding sound isolation functions.

They produce overall balanced sound by the use of a switchable dynamic compression system with balance control for right to left volume adjustment.

They have a special auto tuning mechanism with internal memory that finds and retains clear music signals.

The Sennheiser RS140 headphones have a transmission range of about a hundred and fifty meters.

These headphones can be considered as standard wireless headphones among the RS series of Sennheiser wireless headphones.

Sound isolation in these headphones is effected by its closed ear cups. Though they are fairly okay in blocking out background sounds, you may still be able to hear some background noise while using them.

These headphones are particularly good for people with reduced hearing especially in one ear. The left to right balance control coupled with the compression switch which helps to equalize the average volume levels are particularly helpful.

Their wireless capabilities are average at best even within range as you may experience strengthening and weakening of signals at intervals. Also, hissing and humming sounds may be experienced at times but this defect is common to most wireless headphones especially the entry-level varieties.

Distortions should be accepted in wireless headphones especially for the ones that come cheap. The price for wireless freedom is occasional reception problems which should be accepted in good faith or else you should just stick with wired headphones.

Barring any reception problems which are common to most wireless headphones, the Sennheiser RS140 headphones offer impressive overall performance. They can be used around an entire apartment with minor hitches and their sound capabilities are really very good.

The Sennheiser RS140 headphones still come out on top when compared with many wired headphones in their category.

Best price on the RS140


To get the best performance from wireless headphones, they have to be used within range. Many wireless headphones on the market have limited range and this may still restrict movement to a large extent.

The Sennheiser RS140 wireless headphones have a very impressive range that serves to free users who want to move around within an apartment. Sound production is good but not great.

These headphones are very good backup headphones and should be purchased as backup for wired headphones which are more impressive in providing good sounds.

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