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Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones

Here we review the Shure E2c sound isolating earphones from top headphone manufacturer Shure.

If you want to listen to music while you work or clean the house, it is a good idea to invest in some sort of headphones. While you could go with a bulky design or an earbud design, you may want to consider the latter.

Sometimes ear-bud styles get uncomfortable and do not produce the sound quality we desire; however, the new Shure E2c earbud headphones have drastically changed this.

The problem is of course that earbuds are uncomfortable and do not give you a quality audio output, but E2c has a unique design that corrects both of these issues while also canceling out background noise.

Shure designed this earbud with help from many musicians over quite a long period of time. Their goal was to develop something that worked with musicians and their music, and create a headphone that would make the listener feel as though they are right there listening to the artist.


Shure E2c
The reason why the quality of sound is so good with the E2c headphones is because they are comprised of studio-quality components. They use high-energy drivers to produce the highest quality of sound imaginable and are located in very small areas.

In addition, these components work together to ensure that background noise is removed - such as cars or people talking.

One common negative point that many people express is the fact that earbuds are uncomfortable.

In order to fight this complaint, Shure designed flex sleeves of three different sizes - small, medium, and large - to ensure you have the proper options to fit the Shure E2c headphones comfortably in your ears. These sleeves also work with the components to cancel even more background noise.

Due to this noise cancellation effect, the E2c allows listeners to listen at an appropriate volume. This means that you will not have to crank it up to actually hear the music and you will save your ears from damage.

This alone is a tremendous advantage and certainly a compelling reason to purchase these headphones.

In terms of cords, there is not too much hassle to deal with as you would expect with most headphones. The Shure E2c headphones do not have a huge amount of cording length, which means it will be much harder to get them tangled up.

Furthermore, the cords wrap behind your ears in a comfortable and out of sight way. A zipped carry case is even included to store your headphones in when you are not using them.


Obviously, the Shure E2c headphones are one of the best pairs of earbud headphones available on the market.

They cancel out the background noise, allowing you to listen to your music at an appropriate level that ensures no hearing damage is caused.

They also fit snug and comfortable by providing you with three different foam sizes to use. Once you select one of these sleeves and put the bud into your ear, the foam will expand to comfortably hug your lobe.

For these reasons, the Shure E2c headphones should definitely be considered the next time you are shopping for a new pair of headphones. You will be amazed at the quality of sound and background noise removal.

In addition, it will be easier to get work done - as you are less likely to hear background noise that distracts you.

They are also a good option to go with when doing less important things like listening to music while carrying out a task, such as cleaning the house or walking the dog. They may just come in handier than you think they would.

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