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Shure e3c Headphones

Here we review the Shure e3c headphones — worth looking into if you're in the market for high end noise cancelling earbud headphones.

Noise Cancellation Headphones

Background noise cancellation reduces the negative effects a noisy environment can have while listening to music with headphones on your portable music device.

This feature in headphones makes for better listening without necessarily hiking up the volume on your device in noisy areas. Noise cancellation features are not available in many headphones, so it makes it a valuable added feature.

Most noise cancellation headphones reduce the quality of sound from the headphone while cancelling out background noise. Though background noise cannot be cancelled out totally, quality of sound matters a lot.

Some highly specialized noise cancellation headphones do a good job of cancelling out background noise and providing quality sound all at the same time. Shure technology provides some good headphones that manage to accomplish this feat comfortably.

The bulky designs of noise cancellation headphones that enables them to block-out some background noise is no longer favorable. Nowadays designs of noise cancellation headphones come in a much lighter frame and do a better job of cancelling background noise through improved technology.


Shure e3c Headphones
The Shure e3c headphones combine portability and ease of use with newest noise cancellation technology that does the job of cancelling out background noise without any noticeable drop in sound quality.

These headphones combine WideBand MicroDriver technology with a special sound isolating design which delivers detailed sounds while blocking-out background noise for optimal listening experience. Also, the Shure e3c's in-ear design works like a typical earplug, blocking-out background noise in a natural way.

The e3c's noise cancellation features and design enable you to listen to music comfortably in a noisy environment at moderately low volumes.

Originally designed for professional musicians, the Shure e3c headphones have speakers that are constructed with high quality studio-grade materials to produce excellent audio clarity, delivering detailed high and low frequency sounds.

Thus, your bass, treble and soprano pitches are separated properly, allowing you to hear distinct parts of your music that you never knew were present before.

The e3c headphones are made to fit nicely in the ear with form-fitting earpieces that stay securely in place. Also, a personal fit kit is included in the shipment package with alternate sizes and styles of earpieces.

A compact carry case is also included in the box for easy portability. The cable spool inside the case allows you to wind up the headphones cable properly for tangle-free storage.

Retailing at a little over a hundred and fifty dollars in most stores, the Shure e3c sound isolating headphones surpass the noise cancellation qualities of many brands of headphones in its category.

Durability is ensured as quality materials are used to produce these headphones and the wires in particular are thicker than most common wires which help to reduce noises associated with movements. This thickness in wiring increases its bulk weight though and easy storage such as pocketing may be uncomfortable.

The e3c headphone adds an ongoing price when used with foam earpieces as you will need to replace these earpieces at regular time intervals. A pair of earpieces will last for some time if these headphones are not used frequently; otherwise, constant change is needed.

An alternative to using foam earpieces is to use a 3 stage silicon flange which can be bought separately, is more durable and lasts a long time.


The Shure e3c noise isolation headphones are a great buy and accomplish background noise cancellation without noticeable drop in sound quality.

They rank among the best headphones in this category and its price is reasonable as compared with other headphones on the market.

Depending on your sound preferences and listening quality, they rank moderately high in providing good quality sounds.

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