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Shure E4C Sound Isolating Earphones
High Quality Earbud Headphones for Audiophiles

The Shure E4C are sound isolating earbud headphones that produce the high quality sound audiophiles are looking for.

Shure headphone products are emerging as some of the best in different categories available.

Most Shure headphones are built to cater for specific needs of users such as improved sound quality, background noise reduction and durability amongst other functions.

Sound isolation in headphones is effected to help reduce interference of background noise while listening to music.

Sound isolation is usually effected by adopting special ergonomic construction techniques in producing headphones. The physical construction of a particular headphone enhances its sound isolation capabilities.

Categories of headphones based on physical build that are quite good at isolating background noise include; over the ear headphone types and in the ear headphone types.

Over the ear headphones are constructed with large cups for the ear pieces which completely cover the ears, acting as earmuffs that reduce the effects of background noise.

In the ear headphones on the other hand are constructed with tiny earbuds that fit into the ear canal, effectively blocking out background noise.

There is no headphone that can completely isolate all forms of background noise. Some noise, especially high frequency noise may still be heard, but such sounds will be muffled and may not disturb listening.

Most manufacturers construct their noise cancelling headphones with noise isolating features. This helps to reduce background noise using electronic technologies and manual noise isolating features built into headphones.


Shure E4C Sound Isolating Earphones
The Shure E4c is a typical sound isolating headphone that is built simply for this purpose.

These earphones are lightweight and suitable for on the go use.

High quality drivers are built into this earphone to enhance sound quality.

Listening experience is enhanced with Tuned port technology that develops its higher pitched sounds and extended bass response.

The in-ear design of this headphone helps to effectively block out background noise and no noise cancellation technology is introduced which may distort smooth sound. These earphones are proper sound isolation earphones that do not need batteries.

The E4c earphones can be used with most portable devices as well as home stereo and video devices. These earphones come in a stylish design that suits most MP3 players, iPods and Sony PSP devices.

Product features of these earphones include; special in-ear design that helps isolate background noise and improve sound clarity, in-ear micro speakers that enhance studio-type listening and lightweight design for ease of use.

The E4c's also come with different accessories which include; a personal kit that can be used to match the earbuds to the size of your ears, a carrying case which makes them easily portable and a level attenuator which allows for volume control when they are used with high audio sources.

The sound quality from this headphone will satisfy most audiophiles as they provide deep, clear sounds.

The in-ear design of the E4c's may take some getting used to as you have to shove the earbuds into your ear canal.

When using these headphones, you will most likely not be able to hear someone talking to you, so you may have to take them off and shove them right back into your ear canal at certain times.

Though these earphones may cost about three hundred dollars depending on where you purchase them, their specialized functions justify the price.

Best price on the E4C


The Shure E4c headphones provide the sound quality which many audiophiles are looking for.

Apart from its sound isolation capabilities which help to improve listening experience, various electronic features ensure that sound quality from these earphones is top of the range.

If you are really hooked on sound quality and are not averse to using earbud headphones, the Shure E4c's are for you. Headphones like the E4c have many advantages such as portability and comfort that users find very useful.

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