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Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones
High Quality Earbud Headphones for Audiophiles

The Shure E5C are the highest end of the Shure E series earbud headphones and carry a hefty retail price tag of over $500. They will blow your mind with their amazing audio quality.

Sound isolation techniques that help to isolate background noise when listening to music are very important features in headphones.

There are different sound isolation headphones on the market but all of them use basically the same features built into the headphones to isolate unwanted sounds from the surroundings.

Noise isolation is usually confused with noise cancellation in headphones.

Noise cancellation in headphones requires the use of advanced electronic technology to help reduce noise from the environment while noise isolation features include ergonomic construction of headphones to isolate noise manually.

Noise isolation techniques include special construction of the earbuds and earcups of different headphones which act as earmuffs. Shure produces noise isolation headphones, most notable of which is the E series of noise isolation headphones.

The Shure E5c sound isolating earphone is an earbud headphone and is the highest member of the range earphones from the E series of Shure noise cancellation headphones.


Shure E5C Sound Isolating Earphones
The Shure E5c earphones are portable, lightweight earphones suited basically for their noise isolation capabilities.

These headphones have proven to customers that bigger are not always better when it comes to noise isolation.

Most people believe that the bigger over the ear headphone types with big earcups are usually more effective in isolating background noise.

The E5c headphones have put these assumptions in doubt as they rival most high level over the ear headphones in their noise isolation capabilities.

Noise isolation in the E5c's has been improved by the introduction of high powered, dual-driver speakers into these earbud headphones. These headphones are built specially with noise isolation and sound enhancement in mind.

The earbuds are quite large but they come with different sizes of earplug sleeves packaged in a fit kit which ensures that you can fit these earbuds to be tight and comfortable in the ears at the same time.

The foam sleeves expand to fit the shape of the ear canal which helps a great deal in isolating noise.

Sound quality in the Shure E5c is enhanced with its high-energy micro speakers and in-line crossover which enhances studio listening experience. These earphones produce amazing audio clarity which distinguishes even the tiniest sound detail.

Frequency response is good and ranges from low to high frequencies which represent most musical sounds.

The earbuds located in the ear canal delivers these high quality sounds right into your head and the listening experience can be described as "out of this world". Extended usage is also supported with these earphones as they are very comfortable in the ears.

Individuals with small ears may find these earphones quite uncomfortable though due to their somewhat large earbuds.

These earphones need to have a good seal to produce optimal sounds. They need to be inserted properly into the ear canals to isolate background sounds more effectively and quality of the seal also matters a lot in this respect.

Audiophiles will completely fall in love with the Shure E5c earphones as they can be regarded as truly spectacular audiophile headphones.

Users are advised to be careful when using these headphones outdoors especially when jogging as important sounds such as the honking of cars might not be heard.

Best Price on the E5c


Though the Shure E5c headphone is quite expensive, its price is completely justified as most users will attest to.

These are high quality headphones that will not disappoint even the most critical of audiophiles.

Most people may not be able to afford these headphones but if you desire high quality sound coupled with effective sound isolation capabilities, then you should be ready to splash out on these headphones because they are worth every cent of your money spent.

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