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Review of the Shure SE115m Headset

A Shure headset allows you to enjoy high quality sound from your iPhone or mobile device and take voice calls at the same time. Here we look at the SE115m headset from Shure.

Headsets are basically earphones that are made with a built-in microphone which enables users to talk to another party while using them. They are mainly adapted to use with portable music players such as iPods and mobile phones.

Using a headset with your mobile phone enables you to listen to music as well as answer incoming calls without having to hold the phone.

Headsets provide convenience and comfort at the same time as they act as a hands free option while making and receiving calls coupled with the fact that they are very light and made to sit comfortably in the ears.

Headsets may come especially with a particular iPhone or iPod which may not work with other types of mobile phones or portable music devices. This is where the headset jack comes into play as it has to fit into a portable music device or phone before it can be regarded as compatible.

Different manufacturers now produce different headphones which are compatible with most iPhones or iPods. Although headsets may come along with a particular iPhone or iPod, such headsets are more or less ordinary and may not perform at an optimal level that will appeal to most users.

Thus, higher grade headsets of different brands may be purchased for use with your portable music device or iPhone that offers better sound quality and other important functions.

Almost all headsets made by different manufacturers come with a built-in microphone that enables users to talk on the phone or over the internet on a computer. Also, most headsets have a control system which can be easily manipulated to adjust volume, use of playback options and other control features.


Shure SE115m Headsets
The Shure SE115m headset are earphones that are compatible with Apple iPhones and most portable music devices.

These headsets come in a sleek style that suits modern fashion trends. Though they may look fragile, they are actually very durable.

Their lightweight design makes them very easy to carry around and on-the-go listening is supported.

These are in-ear headsets that fit into the ear canals for better listening conditions. They adequately isolate background noise especially when good sealing conditions are accomplished.

The Shure SE115m is constructed with a built-in microphone that combines listening with talking on your phone.

Other features of this Shure headset include a control capsule that includes buttons which control everything from sound levels to playback and caller options, frequency range of 22Hz to 17.5 kHz, sensitivity (1 kHz) of 105dB SPL/mW and impedance (1 kHz) of 16 ohms.

Accessories that come with this headset include three different sizes of foam and grey flex sleeves and a carrying case. Sound quality in this earphone is improved by special dynamic speakers and bass sounds are adequately represented.

They support extended usage as the foam sleeves that come along with them makes them more comfortable in the ears. These Shure headsets were built with comfort and functionality in mind as they are made to fit different sizes of ears.

They perform various functions as can be seen when used with iPhones of different types.

Best price on the Shure SE115m Headset


Headphones that come with different iPhones and iPods are just basic sound earphones that have limited functionality.

The Shure SE115m headset is a very good replacement from the ordinary level headphones that come with most portable devices. Sound quality and noise isolation capabilities are adequately enhanced in this headset.

They also offer comfort and can be worn extensively for long periods. They are not overly pricey and serve their functions with utmost diligence.

The Shure SE115m headset is a product that stems from over eighty years of headphone development technology of the Shure electronics company. They have been produced as entry level headsets to serve teeming customers that want to go one better than their ordinary iPod headsets.

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