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Shure SE210 Headphones
Review of the Shure SE 210 Sound Isolating Headphones

Here we take a look at the Shure SE210 earbud headphones — high end sound isolating headphones from Shure that are an excellent upgrade from stock iPod or Zune headphones.

In-the-ear headphones are headphones made with special ergonomic features that enable them to fit into the ear canal. Some in-ear headphones are made to fit deeply into the ear while others just rest in the outer part of the eardrums.

The earbud headphones that fit deeply into the ear canal may also be referred to as canal phones. Canal phones are earphones that provide very effective noise isolation capabilities. Their noise isolation prowess is second to none in the headphone industry.

These types of earphones come with special silicone tips of different sizes that ensure a more accurate seal for better sound isolation capabilities. Accuracy of the seal is very important in blocking out background noise more effectively.

If the seal is loose, outside noise may still be significantly heard and this defeats the purpose of a canal phone. This is the main reason why a special fit kit is supplied with most canal phones especially the high grade varieties.

Canal phones are very sound effective as music is supplied directly to the eardrums. This is sometimes described as "music in the head" which is where it should be.

Sounds supplied directly to the eardrums are not allowed to leak out to the surroundings due to the seal and outside noise cannot interfere with your music. Hence, the very accurate description of "music in the head" which provides a total feeling of direct contact with music being listened to.

On the downside, when using canal phones, you may not be able to hear someone next to you talking and may miss important sounds such as the honking of a car horn.

Shure produces some of the best earplug headphones available which provide a more serene listening condition even in noisy environments.


Shure SE210 Headphones
The Shure SE210 headphones are earbud headphones that need to be fitted into the ear canal for optimal listening conditions to be attained.

They have to be fitted properly into the ear canal and are not just ordinary earbuds that rest just inside the ear.

Most people will probably have to learn to fit them properly and some discomfort might be experienced at the initial stage.

Suffice is to say, these earphones take some actual getting used to. They adequately isolate background noise and keep musical sounds from filtering out to the surroundings when listening to music.

Getting the fitting right is very critical in order to get the best functions out of these earphones. The Shure SE210 come with a special fit kit that contains different sizes of sleeves that compress easily and do not return to their original shape in a hurry.

This enables them to provide good sealing qualities for different sizes of ears. If these earbuds are inserted correctly in the ears, they provide maximum noise isolation and musical sounds are heard better as they cannot escape to the surroundings.

They produce hi-definition sounds with adequate bass and bright highs. Overall sound detail is impressive and they deliver better clarity of sound than most earbud headphones in their category.

The Shure SE210 are produced with a modular cable design that allows users to choose different cable lengths for different locations of your portable music device such as shirt or trouser pockets. These headphones are very good for use while exercising and their lightweight features ensure that they can be used for long periods without discomfort.

Best price on the Shure SE 210


Shure produces some of the best earbud headphones available to users. Their earbuds tend to fit tighter in the ears and isolate background noise very effectively.

The SE210 produces very crisp sounds and once you get the in-ear fit correctly, they work at an optimal level. They are recommended for people who travel constantly or work in noisy areas. Their price is well justified and most users will find that they offer good value for money spent.

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