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Skullcandy SC-BHESH07 Hesh Headphone

Since their invention, headphones have evolved progressively and different manufacturers now produce various headphones with different technology and product specifications.

Headphones are now being developed that follow fashion trends and style. Many headphone manufacturers now put a lot of effort into the physical design of their headphones.

As fashion trends evolve, so do headphone styles and designs. Skullcandy may be a recent manufacturer in the headphone industry but their headphones are renowned for their modern style and designs.

Skullcandy started as a headphone manufacturer in 2003 but they have gradually closed the gap on more established headphones manufacturers. Skullcandy is most notable for their sports headphones which are designed especially for active people.

Athletes who engage in extreme sports use these headphones while performing their various sporting activities. Skullcandy produces sports headphones in different shapes, sizes, designs and colors to suit different sporting activities.

These sports headphones are particularly suited to active people who are very particular about using headphones while on the move. Skullcandy has also come up with model DJ headphones. DJ headphones are known for their high sound quality and magnitude.

Thus, Skullcandy put these factors into consideration when producing their various DJ headphones.

The modern fashion trend is not left out when producing DJ headphones. Hence, many DJ's will relate to Skullcandy DJ headphones as they bring out not only the best in sound quality but also the best in style, making them feel right at home among a crowd of people clad in different glamorous attire.


Skullcandy SC-BHESH07 Hesh Headphone
The Skullcandy Hesh headphones are basically studio headphones designed especially for professionals in the music industry.

These headphones are said to be one of the loudest headphones in the industry as they are driven by 50mm driver units.

These headphones are dome shaped which help to improve their sound magnitude.

They are made with very durable, high quality materials such as leather wrapped headband and ear pads and nylon braided cord.

Product specifications of these headphones include frequency range of 10Hz t0 18kHz, impedance of 32 ohms, input power of 100mW and 50mm drivers. They are made with a special in-line volume control and come with a 3.5mm stereo plug.

These headphones weigh about 1.8 pounds but they feel much lighter when worn. Dimensions of this headphone are 13 by 9 by 4 inches.

Skullcandy is famed for producing headphones that follow the latest fashion trends and the hesh headphone is no exception. They come in different adaptive colors to match different fashion styles. These headphones provide deep bass sounds that will impress most DJ's and audiophiles.

The mid range sounds from these headphones are full and robust and the higher pitched sounds are crisp and clear. These headphones are closed earcup headphones that are very good at isolating background noise.

They are also good at keeping in sounds that come through the audio source. This provides more impressive listening conditions and as such very little details of your music can be heard. This will suit most DJ's just fine as they can adequately monitor their music with minimal background interference.

The cord on this headphone is quite short at three feet and DJ's might need an extension cord to work freely with them. These headphones will be appreciated better if used with high fidelity equipment or amplifiers. Portable music devices will not bring out the best in them.

The Skullcandy hesh headphones are one of the best modern style DJ headphones on the market today.

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Blending technology and product features with style in headphones is not easy to achieve, but Skullcandy has made this the mainstay of their headphone types.

The hesh headphones are one of a kind in the headphone industry and they can be easily spotted in a crowd. To say they stand out in the crowd is an appropriate term to use. The Skullcandy SC-BHESH07 hesh headphones definitely stand out amongst their counterparts in the headphones industry.

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