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I am on my 2nd pair. Skull Candy sucks big time. Customer service never answers their phone. They dont want to give you a refund even if their headphones are defective.

Bought some from their website and the plugin broke off from the wire that leads to the iPod. They still have not returned my money then they said that they were out of stock while waiting for new ones to be sent and then they decided to discontinue the able money style and I could'nt get my money back.

So went and bought some out of a store and those broke as well within 4 days of purchase. DO NOT buy these headphones they are a rip-off.

I am a casual user. i.e., i listen to them while on the airplane. I paid $64.00 online and $75.00 in store. My $20.00 Walmart earbuds have lasted longer then these skullcandy headphones!!!!

Customer service manager said he would finally refund my money back after I threatened to report them to BBB but I'm still waiting for my online refund!!

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