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Skullcandy Ti Stereo Headphones
Good Looks, Great Sound!

Here we review the Skullcandy Ti, one of the most popular Skullcandy headphones. They not only look good, they sound great!

If you appreciate good music and want to listen to it, then a decent pair of headphones is essential to you.

If you want to ensure that you buy headphones that not only look good but make the music sound even better then ensure you buy Skullcandy Ti.

Skullcandy was founded in 2003 and produces headphones, hand free devices, earphones and numerous other pieces of electrical equipment.

They are targeted at the outdoor sports people, but sell equally as well to the general public. Their unique designs make them stand out from the rest of the manufacturers.

Skullcandy has always received mixed reviews regarding their products, and this is often due to the design of their headphones and the price they charge for a pair. They have several different models that they produce and the Ti range is one of the most popular.


Skullcandy Ti Stereo Headphones
The Ti range of headphones from Skullcandy is designed with the fashion conscious person in mind, they are ideal for users wanting a good look as well as great sounds.

Although a few men commented that they are better suited for women, as they look girly.

A pair of 41mm titanium drivers powers the sound you receive through these headphones.

These deliver amazing sound and a great deep base, making them perfect to listen to any type of music, with no distortion.

The cable is also really long on these headphones which enable you to move around with them on, you aren't restricted to where you wear them.

The Skullcandy Ti stands out with their distinctive colors and shape. They have an over the head band which is padded with thick leather and outer metal studs. With the Skullcandy logo suitably placed on the ear cups, alongside the skull artwork these truly are a piece of art.

The ear pads themselves are made from soft leather touch material, and fit very comfortably around the ear, blocking out any outside noise. These ear pads have been described by several users as the most comfortable they have ever tried, and they didn't want to take them off.

The ear cups are also unique in the fact that they can swivel at 90 degrees allowing you to swivel the ear cup to listen to your music without having to wear the whole headphones.

Best price on the Ti


When you buy the Skullcandy Ti, you know like any of the Skullcandy range you are buying quality. They come with spare ear pads, an adapter plug for your home stereo and a trendy travel bag.

These really are the best in headphones, and they are fast becoming a necessity and not a luxury which they were once considered to be.

Although they are not cheap you truly do get what you pay for, and the Ti prove that if you pay then you get the best. They are not only functional but look great too; many professionals use the Skullcandy brand and find them great.

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