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Sony Cordless Headphones
Reviews of Sony Wireless Headphones - Sony MDR-DS6000, Sony MDR-IF540RK, Sony DR-BT21IK

In this article we review three top Sony cordless headphones — including the Sony MDR-DS6000 wireless surround sound headphones, Sony MDR-IF540RK wireless headphones and Sony DR-BT21IK wireless transmitter and bluetooth headset for iPod.

Cordless headphones offer users the convenience of listening to music without restrictions; no more ripping out cords by accident, no more listening restrictions at home or in the office.

Users can conduct various activities around the house while listening to their favorite music using a cordless headphone.

Cordless technology is achieved in two major ways; either by using a 900 MHz signal or Bluetooth protocol. So there are basically two main types of cordless headphones on the open market.

Cordless headphones work by receiving signals from a base unit and transmitting these signals to the headpiece. Hence, the headphones need to be charged on the base unit before use.

Sony cordless headphones have all of these characteristic features mentioned above and more as seen in the various designs of cordless headphone units available.

Sony cordless headphones have different favorable characteristic features that make them top of the line units. Various wireless accessories can be obtained alongside your cordless headphones to ensure maximum output and long lasting satisfaction.

Sony MDR-DS6000 Wireless Surround Digital 2.4GHZ RF

Sony MDR DS6000 Cordless Headphones
This Sony cordless headphone is quite bulky for a headphone, weighing about four pounds with dimensions of 14 by 5 by 8 inches. This bulk weight does not take anything away from its reliability though and users have found it quite comfortable on the ears.

The Sony MDR-DS6000 has fantastic range of about ninety five (95) feet and can be used in an entire apartment without having to worry about sound quality and signal strength while moving about.

Signal strength is strong enough to go through two walls and the sound quality of this cordless headset is boosted by its virtual 5.1ch surround sound feature.

The MDR-DS6000 can be used with any home stereo and video device or portable music player, providing optimal sound effects and clean, clear separations.

It is not meant for heavy duty sounds though and a real audiophile or professional disc jockey (DJ) would prefer a more sophisticated and more expensive wired headphone.

In addition to this, it has been found that this pair of headphones kill signals from other 2.4GHz wireless devices around them. Static sounds that may be attributed to distortions due to over peaking can also be heard on devices when the Sony MDR-DS6000 wireless headphone is connected to them.

Best price on the Sony MDR-DS6000

Sony MDR-IF540RK Wireless Headphone System With Rechargeable Battery

Sony MDR-IF540RK Cordless Headphones
The MDR-IF540RK headphone is a Sony cordless over-the-ear headphone that uses infrared technology to achieve their wireless feature. The over-the-ear feature makes them more comfortable on the ears and allows for extended use without feeling uncomfortable.

Other features of this headphone include; lightweight open air design; 30mm driver units for deep bass; vibration function for a more exciting experience and automatic on and off when you wear and remove these earphones.

It has a transmission range of about twenty four (24) feet and transmission coverage angle of about ninety (90) degrees. Connectivity to your home audio system, television, personal computer or VCR is easy with the Sony MDR-IF540RK headphones and the sound is surprisingly good as the music in your ears can hardly be heard by someone next to you.

The infrared feature though makes it short range and once the line of sight to the transmitter is lost, signal quality drops considerably. Lastly, the playback and other control functions on these headsets are deemed to be a little tricky to operate and small.

Best price on the Sony MDR-IF540RK

Sony DR-BT21IK/B Wireless Transmitter And Bluetooth Headset For iPod

Sony DR-BT21IK Cordless Headphones
The Sony DR-BT21IK/B wireless transmitter and headset are easy to connect to your iPods, iPhones and other compatible devices. It has a transmitter/receiver range of about thirty (30) feet and the transmitter runs on the battery of any connected device such as an iPod.

This is a slight advantage over some Bluetooth transmitters as you will only need to charge the headphone. It provides excellent sound with a 30mm driver unit.

A major advantage of this transmitter and matching headphones is that it can be used with any compatible Bluetooth device; from your Bluetooth headphones for your cell phone to your headphones and microphone for your computer.

The headphone has a built-in microphone that allows you talk to people on your cell phone or computer. This makes this headset very economical as it can be used for many different functions, replacing many Bluetooth devices. This headset is a bit delicate though and it is recommended that you get a fitting case for them.

Best price on the Sony DR-BT21IK/B


Depending on your sound and feature preferences, you can obtain a Sony cordless headphone that best suits your needs for indoor use and travelling convenience.

For multi-purpose function and versatility, the Sony DR-BT21IK/B wireless transmitter and Bluetooth headset is your best bet, giving you optimal value for every dime spent.

For one who prefers a set of over-the-ear headsets for more comfortable extended usage, a Sony MDR-IF540RK would suffice. For more flexibility and further movement around the home, you should go for range in the Sony MDR-DS600 wireless headphones.

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