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Best Sony Headphones
Reviews of the Sony MDR-W08L, Sony MDR-J10 and Sony MDR-V150

We review the 3 best Sony headphones based on consumer popularity and satisfaction.

These include the Sony MDR-W08L vertical in-ear headphones, Sony MDR-J10 h.ear headphones and the Sony MDR-V150 monitor series headphones.

About Sony

Sony is a company that needs no introduction.

One of the biggest electronics companies in the world, it's difficult to think of a consumer electronic device they don't actually make, not to mention professional equipment, electronic components, and semiconductors.

Since the 1990's they've also built up a position as a world leader in Media, encompassing Music, Television, and Cinema.

Sony started out 60 years ago as a Radio repair workshop, and high quality consumer and professional audio equipment has always been an important part of their product line up.

Sony have also been instrumental in bringing innovative personal audio products to the market, starting out with the ground breaking Walkman in 1979.

Needless to say, Sony know more than a thing or two about personal audio, Sony headphones benefit from a long history and a vast engineering capability.

Sony MDR-W08L Vertical In-The-Ear Headphones

Sony MDR-W08L Headphones
Amongst the smallest of Sony headphones, the MDR-W08L strikes a great balance between size and practicality. They feature small ear pads which rest over the end of the ear canal, held firmly in place by a slim ultra lightweight headband.

A 13.5mm driver with Neodymium magnets ensure a wide range sound with full base in a small size.

This design does not block external noise. Being able to hear external sounds while listening can be an important safety issue when using them for sports, and makes them practical for use in a work environment.

The classic headband design of these Sony headphones makes them ideal for sports, or any activity that involves plenty of movement. They also incorporate an L shaped jack, much more secure and practical for dynamic use.

Unlike many headband type headphones, this design is extremely small and light. When not in use they can easily be stored in a handbag or laptop case.

Best Price on the Sony MDR-W08L

Sony MDR-J10 h.ear Headphones with Non-Slip Design

Sony MDR-J10 Headphones
The MDR-J10 strikes a great balance between size and practicality. They are ear pads which rest over the end of the ear canal, they're held firmly in place by round the ear clips.

This type of headphone does not block external sounds, but the powerful 13.5mm driver realized with rare earth magnets means there's no problem hearing the music over background noise.

Not blocking external sounds is often important when listening to music in a work environment, and it makes them safer when using them for sports such as jogging or cycling.

Designed for activity, the ear clip design ensures the earpads stay in place, and the L shaped jack is more reliable and practical when moving about.

Unlike headband designs, clip over headphones will not interfere bulky hairstyles, helmets, or other headgear. Their tiny size means they can be slipped in a pocket when not in use.

Best Price on the Sony MDR-J10

Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups

Sony MDR-V150 Headphones
One of the larger Sony headphone models, the MDR-V150 are for when listening to the music is the main activity. A supra-Aural design, they rest over the whole ear.

The cushioned pads are effective at blocking out external sounds, and ensure they can be worn comfortably for extended periods.

Featuring a large 30mm driver, ferrite magnets are used to provide a high 500mW power handling capacity in a lightweight design. The large size of the driver ensures excellent bass response from 18Hz up, a PET diagphram ensures crystal clear high notes.

The leads are made from oxygen free copper for extra clarity. They have a 3.5mm jack for connecting directly to personal audio units, a slip over 1/4" phone jack adapter means you can also use them with HiFi amps and professional audio equipment.

They have a hinged joint between the headband and the earcup for extra comfort, and this also allows you to reverse the cup for one ear listening.

Best Price on the Sony MDR-V150


The MDR-W80L and MDR-J10 are both excellent choices if you want to listen to music on the move. They have very similar drivers, the difference is all down to how the earpads are held in place.

Which is best? That depends on your personal taste, but remember the headband type can be awkward to use with headgear, and might get mixed up with your hair!

The MDR-V150 is quite the opposite of the other two. A full headphone, you would want something like this for listing to music at home, or perhaps watching your home theater or playing a video game at full volume, without waking the neighborhood.

The high sound quality, natural listening characteristics, and reversible earcups, makes them a valid choice for professionals such as musicians and DJ's.

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