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Sony MDR 7506 Headphones
Noise Isolation Headphones from Sony

The Sony MDR 7506 are some of the best noise isolation headphones you can buy — considering both sound quality and price.

Noise isolation headphones and noise cancelling headphones are two different types of headphones that aim to provide good sound with minimal interference from background noise.

Noise isolation headphones physically block out surrounding noise by employing the use of special physical designs to this effect. On the other hand, noise cancellation headphones electronically cancel out unwanted background noise using advanced electronic technology.

Noise isolation is effected in headphones using basic physical noise blocking technological features such as earplugs.

Most sound isolation headphones are earbud headphones but closed earcup headphones have also been found to isolate background noise effectively. Earbud headphones must be inserted into the ear canal in order to block out surrounding noise.

The target of all earbud headphones which block out background noise effectively is an acoustic seal. Once acoustic seal is achieved, sound is channeled directly towards the eardrums and cannot escape, while external noise cannot get in.

Silicone tips of different sizes which create a tighter and more comfortable fit in the ears are provided with most earbud headphones.

Earcup headphones work like earmuffs to effectively block out background noise. The ear cups are specially designed with soft material which fit snugly over the ears for a tighter and more comfortable fit.

Hence, sounds coming through the earphones are kept in and outside sounds are kept out.


Sony MDR 7506 Headphones
The Sony MDR 7506 headphones are basically noise isolation headphones that can be used conveniently in noisy areas without having to hike up the volume.

Background noise is effectively blocked out and volume need not be increased unnecessarily in noisy or crowded areas. This noise isolation feature helps to preserve hearing in the long run.

Though the opening of the ear cups for each ear is quite small, they are comfortable on the ears and can be worn for long periods at a time. Sound quality from these earphones is awesome and is driven by 40mm driver units.

Little musical sound details can be picked up with ease and this supports the listening to any genre of music. Its ultra low impedance of 24ohms ensures that it can be easily powered by portable music players, achieving high volume levels.

It comes with a base mini plug and quarter inch adapter which are both gold plated to support higher output levels. The frequency response of the Sony MDR 7506 headphones (10Hz to 20kHz) ensures an even all round sound response.

This means that you are hearing sounds close to the original value when the music was mixed in the studio. Thus, audiophiles, disc jockeys and studio managers will find this headphone very useful in listening to true sound and mixing different musical notes and sounds.

This headphone is quite comfortable on the ears and convenient as only one cable comes out of the left side which drops about an inch from your neck so it usually does not touch you. The cable is quite thick though and can be a nuisance when used on the go with your portable music player.

This is not a great disadvantage though and for your home stereo devices, these are a good buy indeed. Furthermore, its foldable design makes it very easy to carry around with the ear cups able to rotate a full 180 degrees.

Best price on the MDR 7506


The Sony MDR 7506 headphones are rugged and very durable. Its closed design helps preserve hearing and improve listening conditions in noisy areas by effectively blocking out surrounding noise.

This headphone weighs about three pounds but it feels much lighter and is quite comfortable on the ear, especially for those with small ears. The Sony MDR 7506 headphone delivers high quality pristine sound at an affordable price.

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