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Sony Noise Reduction Headphones
Reviews of the Sony MDR-NC6 and Sony MDR-NC60 noise cancelling headphones

In this article we review two great Sony noise reduction headphones, the Sony MDR-NC6 and Sony MDR-NC60 noise cancelling headphones.

Noise reducing headphones are great for when you are travelling, be it by bus, train or plane.

The possibility to just phase out and hear only your music is fantastic; especially if you travel a lot you will value the possibility to enjoy your music without noise interference from outside. No loud bus engines, no noisy train passengers, no deafening airplane turbines, only sweet tunes.

We'll briefly go over some of Sony's product range on noise reducing headphones to enhance your music listening experience.

We'll take a look at Sony's MDR-NC6 that is supposed to reduce over 10dB at 300Hz and Sony's more pricy MDR-NC60 which can reduce up to 16.5dB at 200Hz and has a built-in mute music switch in case you do want to listen to what's happening outside.


Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Reducing Headphones
The MDR-NC6 is pretty cheap with a price tag around $25 but they are also a great value.

The earpieces are comfortable but take getting used to, as any headphone. If you adjust them correctly you will have no problems later on.

Due to its lightweight build these Sony noise reduction headphones feel pretty fragile but that is good, this way you barely notice them on your head once you've gotten used to them.

The sound quality on the MDR-NC6 isn't the best of the best but you cannot expect too much for this price. It will transmit higher and lower tunes quite well and the bass is balanced and decent.

Now the most important part of the noise reduction headphones is how good it reduces noises.

While the MDR-NC6 is good at reducing lower tune sounds such as humming or vibrating, which is good on trains and planes, it is not so good at reducing the noise of higher frequency noises such as other people talking or the TV.

While it will not filter out a lot of the noises, it will still allow you to comfortably hear music in the plane at a reasonable sound level.

For a first time person who wants to see how noise reduction headphones compare to normal headphones you can buy a pair of these. They are inexpensive and you will get an idea of what you can expect, without having to spend too much.

If you are satisfied with how it managed to reduce noises, you can then move on to better noise reducing models, such as the MDR-NC60.

Best price on the Sony MDR-NC6


Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Reducing Headphones
These Sony noise reduction headphones cost a little more than the aforementioned product but should be well worth what they ask, no?

In terms of comfort these are hard to beat. The soft fit that goes over your ears will not put too much pressure on your head and will still feel very comfortable.

The fine leather of which they are wrapped within gives it a nice and luxurious feeling but this may lead to people who wear them in warmer climates feel a little uncomfortable.

Like the MDR-NC6 headphones this model also has a monitor button which allows you to turn off the noise reduction technology so you can hear your surroundings if needed for talking to someone or hearing the pilot say something on a plane.

The only problem might be that it is hard to find at first, but once you know where it is and have gotten used to it, then it is very useful.

These headphones run on triple-A batteries and it's important to carry a spare pair with you and a recharger (which is easily done thanks to the pouch that comes with it). These Sony noise reduction headphones have a battery life of more or less ~30 hours.

The sound quality is naturally superb and the bass output is very good as well. Higher and lower tunes are no problem for these headphones.

The main point for getting these headphones is that you are using it in an environment which has a lot of ambient sounds and background sounds.

For travelling people these Sony noise reduction headphones are ideal.

Perhaps the only negative point about these headphones may be the carrying case. It would be better if it were a little sturdier as a weaker headphone carrying case can leave your headphones prone to damage.

Best price on the Sony MDR-NC60

All in All

If you are looking for some inexpensive Sony noise reduction headphones, go for the MDR-NC6 which will do the job, no problem. The higher and lower tunes are no problem on these headphones and alone the build itself takes a little getting used to.

If you want better noise reduction and you lay value to being able to hear your music and not your surroundings, then you are better off with the MDR-NC60 which will guarantee that you will hear your headphones and your headphones only.

If you so wish, both come with a monitor function that allow you to mute the headphones should you need to or want to hear what is going on outside your world.

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