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Choosing the Best Sony Wireless Headphones
Sony MDR-IF240RK Review, Sony MDR-RF970RK Review, Sony MDR-DS3000

Here we review three of the best Sony wireless headphones — the Sony MDR-IF240RK, Sony MDR-RF970RK and Sony MDR-DS3000. Please take your time to read these reviews to help you pick the best headphones for your needs.

About Sony

As a leader in the field of technology and electronics, the Sony Corporation is well-known and respected. Most customers, however, are not aware that her company was founded by two young Japanese men in the wake of the devastation of World War II.

In fact, the two founders began the venture as business that repaired radios; their shop was located in a bomb damaged store front in 1945. To say that from humble roots came greatness would not be an understatement.

By 1955, founders Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita had moved up to producing their own line of transistor radios, which became very popular in both Japan and with customers abroad.

The young men decided to brand their products as Sony, which was derived from the Latin word sonus, meaning "sound". The word also denoted an intelligent and well-dressed young man in Japanese culture of the day, so seemed like the perfect fit for the up-and-coming company.

Today, Sony continues to lead the field, stepping out to develop new and innovative products at great risk to their own bottom line. While their products haven't always carried the day, they hit a home run with the development of the new Blu-ray method of delivering high-quality video.

They also make top-of-the-line cameras, televisions and computers, in addition to the music tools that go back to the company's roots. It's no surprise that their line of wireless headphones offers this same performance.

1. Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphone System

Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphones
More people than ever are interested in the versatile performance offered by wireless technology, and Sony delivers with this model. As a headphone system, it is more comfortable than ear bud models, with plenty of noise-blocking capability.

This Sony wireless headphones model has a competitive range of around 25 feet, while still maintaining a very long battery life. These headphones can go for as long as 35 hours on one battery charge, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Some users, however, report that this estimate is high, but you should still be able to get quite a bit out of these headphones. For a longer battery life, adding an after-market battery of higher quality is recommended.

There are several features that make the Sony MDR-IF240RK wireless headphone system stand out. For one, there is no need to mess with annoying switches to get the headphones turned on. Instead, they automatically kick on when they are placed on your head.

This is a plus for some customers, while others found this feature to be annoying. The volume control is easily accessed, though there isn't separate controls for each earpiece.

The wireless signal comes from the transmitter, which also serves as a charging station when the headphones are not in use. You can access not only music systems with these wireless headphones, but also television systems, including full home theater setups.

Despite the range of features included, this model is still very affordable, selling for under $50.

Best price on the Sony MDR-IF240RK

2. Sony MDR-RF970RK 900 MHz Analog RF Wireless Headphone

Sony MDR-970RK Wireless Headphones
As a member of the Sony family, this headphone set is well worth the money. Most users report that it is one of the best models available in the mid-priced range. These headphones are sold for under $100.

For the most part, the Sony MDR-RF970RK 900 MHz Analog RF wireless headphone gets excellent reviews from users. Customers report that the model has a nice range, allowing them to move freely about the house to watch television and movies.

For enjoying music, they are perfect for active people or those who have outdoor shops or work in their garage. The sound quality on this model is rated in the good to excellent range, but probably not quite good enough for really picky listeners.

Battery life, like most models, is lower than the manufacturer reports. However, users do say that they generally give at least five hours of continual use before a battery charge is necessary.

Most of the users who really love these Sony wireless headphones report that they give consistent use for up to a decade. They seem to be preferred by those who use them in a home theater system- namely with television and movies.

They provide excellent cover for those who have sleeping family in the home, including children, as well as apartment dwellers who need to keep sound down for neighborly consideration.

Best price on the Sony MDR-RF970RK

3. Sony MDR-DS3000 Infrared Wireless Digital Surround Headphones

Sony MDR-DS3000 Wireless Headphones
This model offers more than just basic performance, while still providing a reasonable price range—under $200. The digital surround sound system makes this the most ideal for those who like a high-quality movie viewing experience, or those that have a need for the best music quality.

These Sony wireless headphones are designed to have a more natural sound, ideal for serious hobbyists or professional musicians. However, they do not perform as well as a set of serious speakers.

For users that have tried several different headphones, this Sony infrared surround headphones seem to really blow away the competition. They can be used regularly, for several days, on the same charge and are easily recharged in the included transmitting station.

These headphones can be used with all compatible media, but be sure to check carefully before purchasing. Some purchasers were disappointed, for example, to learn that their plasma TV didn't communicate well with this model.

Best price on the Sony MDR-DS3000

The range is also questionable, with some listeners finding it less than expected. However, more users found these Sony wireless headphones met their needs than those who did not.


All three of these Sony wireless headphones have their own pros and cons. Luckily, they are backed up with the excellent Sony warranty and customer service.

Depending on your particular needs, you may be perfectly happy with the economy model, such as the first example. However, for more serious users, the sound quality seems to leave something to be desired; less discerning users may hardly notice.

The fit seems to be almost universally comfortable in all price ranges, with differences of opinion regarding performance capacity.

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