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Speck PixelSkin Zune HD Case

The Speck PixelSkin is a high-end silicone Zune HD case and provides top of the line drop protection.

About Speck

From the makers of the Dragon and the Scorpion Zune cases, we now have the PixelSkin. Speck cases feature a rugged, militarized look and are well known for providing the best possible drop protection.

Speck Technologies is based in Palo Alto, CA and is specializes in making products to carry and protect electronic gadgets.

Body Protection

Speck PixelSkin Zune HD Case
The PixelSkin case is one of the most popular cases for the iPod Touch and is just now available for the Zune HD. It's been protecting various iPod products for some time and is consumer tested.

The exterior of the case features a textured, angular design which gives it a cool, armored look and is probably how it gets it's name. The design also serves to create an extra-strong grip, whether it's in your hand or on the car dashboard. You'll be confident it's not going to fall.

This case is made of a soft rubbery silicone material. It wraps tightly around your Zune HD. The extra thick corners provide excellent drop protection.

To get your Zune HD into this case just slide it into the cutout at the bottom. Then pull the bottom corners of the case around your Zune HD. Cutouts in the case allow easy access to the dock connector and headphone jack.

Screen Protection

This case does not include a screen protector. However, the raised edges provide some amount of indirect screen protection. You can place your Zune HD face down when it's in this case and the screen will not touch the surface.

A screen protector is a great addition to this product and will improve the scratch protection of this case. This product will work with any standard screen protector for the Zune HD.

What's Not Included

Unlike the Scorpion and Dragon products, this case does not include a belt clip.


For the Zune HD this case is available only in black. Unfortunately, other colors are currently available only for the iPod Touch.

Speck PixelSkin (Black) Black


The Speck PixelSkin is a great case for your Zune HD, providing just about the best drop protection you'll get from any case available. It's a great alternative to Incipio's DermaSHOT series.

Best price on the PixelSkin

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