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The Zune Pass rocks!

by Abi
(Atlanta, GA)

Zune Pass Free Trial

As a Zune owner I am always on the lookout for ways to fill my player, from the free song of the day in Zune Marketplace to free downloads on One of the best ways to try out new music that I've found is the Zune Pass.

The Zune Pass, in a nutshell, is virtually unlimited access to the music in Zune Marketplace. With just two clicks you can download entire playlists, single songs, or even 'channels' - which are like rotating playlists that automatically update with new music depending on your tastes. You can download playlists based on type, artists, even beats per minute!

You can keep these songs for as long as you pay for your pass (less then my plan). These songs also come with the option to buy and add to your collection.

My tastes change often, from R&B to Broadway, Rock to Classical, so the Zune Pass is perfect for me. I get to try out music from almost anything Zune marketplace has, for as long as I want, when I want. The songs go right on my Zune, with very little sync time, no need to reformat or convert anything. The sound quality is excellent, and it's way cheaper then paying a dollar a song.

Given the choice between a month of virtually unlimited music or half a playlist for the same price the choice is obvious.

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