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Unknown Titles

by Steve
(Appleton, WI)

I have loaded several of my CDs to my 120gb Zune. Several titles are not recognized by Zune and come up as unknown album.

Is there any way that I can ID these albums as I load them? I would like to keep them as albums and not have one large album with several track 1's, and track 2's, etc.


Steve, what did you use to rip your CDs to your computer? If you use the Zune software, it should automatically find the music titles for you. Then when you rip them to mp3 or wma files, the ID3 information (track, album, artist etc.) will be added for you.

Most other programs like Windows Media Player will also automatically add the track information when you rip CDs.

Make sure to be connected to the internet when you rip your music files since the software needs access to the CD information in order to be able to add the track information.

You can also do this after the fact using the Zune software. If you right-click on any of the songs under "Collection" and select "Edit" you can add this information yourself. If you have to do this for a lot of CDs it will become too tedious.

You have one more option. In the Zune software, go into "Settings". Under "Metadata and Ratings" make sure the option to automatically update metadata is selected. This should automatically add all the missing information to your music files.

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