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Where do I get parts to repair my Zune?

by Peggy
(Hampton, Va)

I plugged my Zune into my charger incorrectly and now the pins are bent. Where do I get the parts to repair my Zune?


Your best bet is to send your Zune in to Rapid Repair for a free diagnostic checkup. They'll be able to tell you exactly which parts you need to fix your Zune and will send them to you for self-installation. They can even install the parts for you if you authorize them.

Since you haven't specified which Zune you own I'm not sure exactly which part you need. But more than likely you'll need a new mainboard unless they are somehow able to fix your existing mainboard by bending the pins back into place.

Again, the Zune experts at Rapid Repair will be able to help you out.

Click here to order a free diagnostic from Rapid Rapair.

Wishing your Zune a speedy recovery!


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