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The Top 3 Retailers

When I first envisioned a page on the topic of where to buy Zune HD players, I thought about adding some kind of comparison shopping widget.

But then I decided to take it one step further. Let me do the comparison shopping for you and show you the best places to buy a Zune HD. I'll also walk you through my research process so you can trust that I did my homework. Not that you don't trust me! :)

My criteria?

For the best price, a retailer MUST offer NO tax and FREE shipping.

And to top that off, they MUST offer the LOWEST PRICE on the Zune HD too.

No tax rules out most stores like and Since they have brick and mortar locations in all 50 states, they are unable to offer no tax.

This is a huge deal. I live in California which has 8.75% sales tax. This means that on a $200+ item like the Zune HD tax amounts to at least $17.50 for a 16GB model and $23.45 on a 32GB model! These stores try offering other incentives to try and cover the gap.

As I was researching this page, had a special offer of a $30 gift card for a 16GB Zune. And was offering a free month of Zune pass subscription (valued at $14.99). But these offers still could not compete.

So if you're looking for the best places where to buy Zune HD players, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal than the retailers I'm about to unveil. If you do, I'd like to know about it.

BTW, I also used and to compare prices from several different retailers and I've narrowed the list down to the top 3.

So without further adieu, here are the top 3 retailers: where to buy Zune HD players online...

Note: Prices have dropped since this article was first written. So please visit the retailers sites to see the latest low prices.


I'll be honest. I love If I have to buy anything, my first instinct is to go to I'm currently looking to buy an exercise bike and I'll buy that from too. If you don't want to spend a lot of time comparison shopping, you usually find either the best or close to the best deal here. You really can't go wrong shopping at Amazon! offers free shipping on the Zune HD. And as long as you don't live in Washington, you don't have to pay tax either. (If you do, check out one of the other options below, since Amazon won't have the best deal for you).

A Zune HD 16GB is currently offered for $199.

A Zune HD 32GB is currently offered for $268.

These are the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. And when you throw in the additional bonuses, this is pretty much the best deal you can get anywhere online.


My wife looked at me in a funny way when I said there was no point in looking anywhere other than And it turned out she was right (why do I even try?). is offering a great price on Zune HD players too.

In fact the Zune HD 16GB is being offered for $197 with no tax and free shipping. This actually beats the price by a little (if you don't care about the special bonuses). Unfortunately it's currently out of stock, so that's a bummer. But maybe they'll have more soon.

The Zune HD 32GB is offered for $268, so they basically match's price.

Note that is based in New York, so if you live there you'll probably have to pay tax. New Yorkers should purchase a Zune HD from instead.


Last, but not least, we have

A Zune HD 16GB player is priced at $199 here as well. (We're starting to see a pattern, aren't we?)

And a Zune HD 32GB player is priced at $269. offers free shipping. But if you live in California, New Jersey or Tenesse you'll have to pay sales tax since they have distribution centers in these states. Again, it makes more sense to shop from

There! I've given you 3 options now. You're not going to find a better price anywhere else. Trust me now?

Other Colors

One more thing...

If you want a Zune HD that's not a standard color (black for 16GB and silver for 32GB), then you don't have any options. You must buy from Zune Originals.

Background research

I captured some of the screens showing you other sites I researched during my comparison shopping exercise of where to buy Zune HD players online. (I apologize for the eye charts, but the full size images would have been just too large.)

Here's where I found

Where to buy Zune HD -

Where to buy Zune HD -

Where to buy Zune HD -

The Zune HD wasn't even available here. Strange!

Bountii pointed me to I hadn't heard of them until now. Thanks, Bountii!

Where to buy Zune HD - page 1

Where to buy Zune HD - page 2


After having done all this research, I'm confident I've narrowed the list down to the top 3 best possible options when it comes to where to buy Zune HD players online. I hope you feel the same! :)

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