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Which Zune dock should I buy?

I want a Zune dock for my Zune HD. All I want is a simple thing that allows me to charge my Zune and play music through an audio jack. I don't really want to spend too much but I can go just a little further.


The cheapest and simplest Zune dock you can get for your Zune HD is the Zune HD sync dock. It's a little bit fancier than what you are looking for since it also comes with a wireless remote.

You'll be able to charge and sync your Zune HD with this dock. It also features various audio and video output options but does not come with any cables that you would need to use these outputs.

This dock is actually the exact same dock that comes with the more expensive Zune HD AV Dock accessory. This is about twice the cost of the Zune HD Sync Dock. You should avoid this one since you are not looking for all the extra functionality.

The downsides are that the Zune HD sync dock, while cheap, is still not that cheap. It retails for $49.99 but offers a 14% discount on this price, free shipping and no tax (as long as you don't live in WA state) which makes it a little more affordable.

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