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Why can't I fill up my Zune player?

by Maria

Why is it I can't fill my 30GB Zune?

I add my other hard drive jukebox to my computer (USB) and set is as a folder to choose from. I start the sync, tell it to get all music (there is 40 GB on my hard drive) and it stops syncing at about 6 GB!

Now it keeps just saying it's up to date and won't add any of the rest of this music! I can't find a setting anywhere else to change. What gives?

No wonder I normally only buy players that are drag and drop. Proprietary software is for schmucks!

And no, I don't have or want an iPod either.


Yes, the Zune does require the Zune software to sync your music files. Make sure that all your music is added to the software and you can see it in the collection.

I don't personally like automatically syncing my music and I've disabled this feature. But I have noticed that when you auto-sync sometimes it thinks that the player is full when it isn't. For me this has happened when I try to sync the same Zune from two different PCs.

I would recommended erasing all the content on your player and try syncing again to see if it fixes it. This has worked for me.

Here what to do...

1. Go to the device tab in the Zune software (it shows up only when your Zune is connected.)
2. Click "Change Sync Relationship".
3. Select "Sync Options".
4. Click "Erase All Content".

After it finishes you can try re-syncing. This should let you sync to the full capacity now.

Also see this help article which discusses the same problem.

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