What Is The Windows XP Zune Theme?

The Windows XP Zune theme is a cool looking theme for your desktop computer.

If you are bored of the standard XP look and if you are a Zune fan, this is exactly what you are looking for!

Well, maybe it's not exactly what you're looking for. I'd rather have a Zune HD myself. But at least it's free!

Note: This is a theme for your desktop computer. You can't use it to change the look of your Zune media player. If you want to theme your Zune, click here instead.

This theme was officially released by Microsoft to commemorate the release of the Zune media player a couple of years ago.

Zune Theme Explained

It is characterized by 5 major elements:

  • The most prominent feature is a bright orange start button.

  • All progress bars are a cool orange.

  • Title bars get a sleek, black look.

  • A black and grey start menu enhances the theme's "darkness".

  • Lastly it comes with some background wallpaper with a bunch of people waving hands. Any guesses where they are or who's on stage?

Overall, it's a cool look for your desktop.

You can download it from Microsoft here.

Note: This will not work on Windows Vista. Don't bother trying to install it. Unless you want to see this...

Error installing Zune theme on Vista

But it is possible to install this theme on Vista. Click here for more information.

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