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Wireless Headphones for MP3 Players
From Sony, iLuv and Hi-Fi

Here we take a look at three of the best wireless headphones for mp3 players — from well known brand Sony and not so well known brands iLuv and Hi-Fi.

Wireless headphones employ the use of two main technologies to ensure that users are not restricted to a particular area or disturbed by wires when listening to music.

The Bluetooth protocol and 900 MHz wireless technology are mainly used to achieve wireless capabilities in headphones.

Many wireless headphones do not provide optimal sound quality as compared to wired headphones in their category. The progress of wireless technology though concentrates on improving sound quality in wireless headphones.

There are different wireless headphones that perform a wide range of functions apart from their wireless inputs.

Most wireless headphones adapted for use with MP3 players and iPods are lightweight for easier mobility and match these portable music devices.

Wireless headphones for MP3 players come in different shapes and sizes and have different technological and physical features that enable them to perform their functions optimally.

Sony DR-BT21IK/B Wireless Headset

Sony DR-BT21IK/B Wireless Headset for MP3 Players
The Sony DR-BT21IK/B wireless headset with base transmitter is particularly suited to iPods and MP3's.

They are arguably the best sounding Bluetooth headphones in their category.

Basic functions of your iPod can be operated from the Bluetooth headset.

This headset can be used with mobile phones, computers, iPods and other stereo devices which support the Bluetooth protocol.

These headphones are easy to set up. You just plug it into your phone or iPod and you are ready to go.

Sounds from this headset are very good and they have a wireless range of about thirty feet.

They can be switched from music mode to caller mode by just pressing a function button when a call comes into your phone while listening to music.

They work on the battery life of your iPod or music device which can reduce the battery life. Hence, you may need to charge your iPod frequently but the headset transmitter does not need to be charged.

These wireless headphones for mp3 players can be folded and easily put away in a carrying case for easier mobility. These headphones are lightweight compared to other Sony headphones which make them a little more comfortable.

Features of these headphones include 30mm driver units that improve sound capacities, volume adjustment and a TMR-BT8ip wireless transmitter/receiver.

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iLuv Noise Cancelling Headphone

iLuv Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones for MP3 Players
Another wireless headset that makes use of the Bluetooth protocol is the iLuv noise cancelling headphone.

This headphone can be used with most devices that support the Bluetooth wireless technology such as portable music devices, computers and mobile phones of different brands.

Its noise cancellation feature allows you to listen to music or talk on the phone with minimal background distractions in noisy areas. Thus, sounds can be heard with utmost clarity while listening to music with this headphone.

You are free from the hassle of wires and your hands can be used to carry out other household chores while listening to music or answering a phone call.

The durability of these wireless headphones for mp3 players have been called into question as the headband tends to close up and become very tight, making it quite impossible for users to wear them without breaking.

This makes for a torrid listening experience as the headphones become very uncomfortable on the head.

The good electronic qualities of this headphone are negated by the poor quality of materials used to produce its outer covering.

Battery life of this headphone is very impressive with an estimated nine hours of talk time or eight hours of listening time when fully charged.

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Hi-Fi Stereo Behind the Neck Headset

Bluetooth Hi-Fi Stereo Behind the Neck Wireless Headset for MP3 Players
The Hi-Fi stereo, behind the neck headset is a wireless headset that comes with a microphone. Thus it can be used for listening and talking on the phone.

This headset comes with an audio dongle unit that converts the output from music devices into streaming audio sounds.

The wireless ability of this headphone is enabled by Bluetooth technology and it can be used with devices that support this wireless technology.

This headset has a transmission range of about thirty feet (10m) which allows for ample movement.

The pairing of this headset with different devices is quite tricky but success can be achieved with dogged persistence.

The Bluetooth audio dongle is usually paired with the headset and music device for premium usage.

A slight disadvantage of these wireless headphones for mp3 players is that you cannot use it while the dongle is charging. This is seen as an oversight in its production as the dongle itself does not have a long battery life.

This disadvantage only comes to the fore if you primarily use the 3.5mm headphone jack to connect your audio source.

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Wireless headsets are very functional and come in handy when carrying out different activities while listening to music.

Most of them, especially those that are powered by the Bluetooth technology can be used with most headphones and devices that have the Bluetooth protocol enabled.

While wireless technology is a blessing, most people still prefer the wired headphones as they are still the best sounding headphones on the market. For convenience and ease of use though, the wireless headphones come on top.

Free yourself from the limitations of wires and get a wireless headphone for use with your portable music device.

Comfort and convenience can be substituted for sound ability as far as you can still get good sounds from your wireless headphones.

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