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Wireless Stereo Headphones
Cables Unlimited SPK-9100, Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 and RCA WHP141 Wireless Headphone Reviews

We've scoured the audiophile universe and found three great wireless stereo headphones at great prices—from Cables Unlimited, Audio Unlimited and RCA.

Why Wireless?

Music is powerful. It inspires us to do incredible things. Sometimes an already great day moves to beyond greatness by just hearing your favorite song.

It's awesome that there's a song perfect for each mood, for each moment of one's life. If you're a certified audiophile like me, I'm sure you'll agree that life would be terribly dull without music.

If our lives were little movies, we would be our own personal DJs playing songs in the soundtrack of our lives.

Whether it's for relaxation, for motivation, to get up and move or simply for entertainment, music is truly multi-functional. To be able to fully appreciate a track, you'll need decent music gear.

There's nothing better than a great pair of wireless stereo headphones to tune the world out and focus on the music in your ears. Superb beats playing on your ears can be pure bliss.

If you like turning up the volume without disturbing the whole neighborhood, you need a pair of headphones. When it comes to headphones, wires are a thing of the past. Wireless is the way to go.

With the myriads of activities that you can do while listening to music, you cannot be bothered with wires.

We've scoured the audiophile universe and found three great wireless stereo headphones on the market. You will be surprised at what these headphones are capable to put out, in comparison to what they cost.

Cable Unlimited SPK-9100 900Mhz Wireless Headphones

Cables Unlimited SPK-9100 Wireless Stereo Headphones
On top of our list is the Cable Unlimited SPK-9100 900Mhz Wireless Headphones. Cables Unlimited is an outstanding provider of audio gear and other consumer electronics products.

With excellent products under their belt, the company's background and understanding of electronics products industry is broad and deep. They sure know how to do things right. And the Unlimited 900Mhz Wireless Stereo Headphones are proof of that.

With its 900 MHz transmitter, you wouldn't have to worry about walls and floors getting in the way of your music. Simply place your headphones on the charger and the battery will automatically recharge.

Also, the unit is lightweight and comes with great earpieces. You can switch channels and pick the clearest one for maximum listening experience. People are raving about the comfort and functionality that comes with this baby at an insanely affordable price.

Best price on the Cables Unlimited SPK-9100

Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 900Mhz Wireless Headphones

Audio Unlimited SPK 9110 Wireless Stereo Headphones
Second on the list is the Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 900Mhz Wireless Headphones. This pair is by Audio Unlimited which is branded under Cables Unlimited.

Wireless indoor and outdoor speakers are also carried by this brand. Outdoor wireless speakers, like floating pool speakers and rock speakers for gardens, showcase the sophisticated and versatile technology that all Audio Unlimited products possess.

The Audio Unlimited SPK-9110 900Mhz Wireless Stereo Headphones are no exception. Comfort was definitely in mind while this was being designed. The ear cups rotate and the headband can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

With 900 MHz, walls and floors will not matter. The headphone cradle will also automatically charge the unit for you.

Some reviews say that the batteries can be upped from 500mAh to a 1000mAh. Other than that, overall reception for this product is fantastic.

Best price on the Audio Unlimited SPK-9110

RCA WHP141 900Mhz Wireless Headphones

RCA WHP141 Wireless Stereo Headphones
Last but surely not least, is the RCA WHP141 900Mhz Wireless Stereo Headphones. Aside from offering quality appliances, RCA also carries a line exclusively dedicated to audio solutions. From voice recorders to wireless stereo headphones, RCA provides a holistic approach in audio products.

The unit ensures audio signal transmission even between walls. It also has PLL technology that makes the device automatically lock on to the clearest transmission channel. It also has power saver technology to make the most of its battery life.

There are mixed reviews about the transmission capabilities. Some reviews mention an issue about a hissing sound at a certain distance. One solution is to turn up the input volume.

The common denominator among the three wireless stereo headphones mentioned is that these wireless headphones offer high quality at affordable prices.

Various consumer reviews express shock and awe at the quality of the sound these products produce considering the fact that these belong on the lower priced range of wireless headphones. It just goes to show that a low price doesn't always mean lower quality.

Though most of the time an objects price is parallel to its quality, there are moments when high quality comes with a reasonable price tag. This is one.

Best price on the RCA WHP141


Use any of these headphones while listening to music or watching your favorite show. Imagine how easy moving will be without wires.

Don't get tangled with the past. Today, wireless is definitely the way to go.

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