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Youtube on Zune HD


Does the Zune HD support Youtube?


Unfortunately, no. The Zune HD is similar to older Zune models in that it does not support Youtube. Even with the new internet explorer web browser.

But your mom told you everything is possible if you just put your mind to it, right?

It is possible to watch Youtube videos on your Zune HD. It just requires some more work on your part.

Youtube videos are in "flash video" format (.flv). This format is not something that the Zune HD can decode. In order to watch a Youtube video, you must first convert it to a video format that the Zune HD can understand - mpeg-4, h.264 or wmv.

You have two ways to do this:

1. PAID - Use a convertor. There are many good Zune video convertors available.  YoutubeMate from Cucusoft is a great one. You can use it to convert flv videos to wmv. The main drawback of paid convertors like this one is that it costs a one time fee. In this case it's $24.95.


2. FREE - Follow this hack. It's a little more work, but hey, it's free!

Youtube is a great alternative for free music videos instead of purchasing them from the Zune marketplace.  Unfortunately videos are not included with a Zune pass subscription.

Hopefully the next version of the Zune HD browser will support youtube videos natively. Then again, it's great to have the videos on your Zune HD so you don't have to worry about having an internet connection to watch them.

Happy Youtube-ing!

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